News - R.I.P Guru

The great artist Guru has past away yesterday after over a whole year
of fighting with Cancer.
Before he died he wrote a letter to his fans, family and even a part
dedicated to his former DJ.

When I read this letter I couldn´t help but to think that it had bin tampered
with by someone.
I´m not saying that Guru didn´s write that letter, I´m just saying that
it seems like somone has either added words or removed som parts of the
original letter.

I tought that I was the only one that thought about that but now I
see that I´m not alone on that suspicion.

If you want to read the letter you can do so by clicking below.
Guru´s Letter.

What do you think?
Is the letter tampered with?

Guru - On the behalf of myself and the SwagLikeThis Blog,
I send your family and true friends my condolences!


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