Did I Forget to Tell You?

I forgot to add one artist to the list of interviews that I have
made through the past years.
It is one of my idols untill this day and it is no one else than
Advance Patrols very own DJ Lucutz.

I´ve had a good contact with him since I interviewed him and even
talked about bringing him to Gothenburg for some events.
But there has always bin something in my way.

Artimez who I am going to interview tomorrow asked me last Sunday
who my favorite DJ´s where since I told him that I am also a DJ.
The only name that popped up in my head was DJ Skee,
but now thinking about it DJ Skee is only the newest one in the line.
My role models as a DJ are mostely Lucutz and another DJ from
England called DJ Angelo.

For you who whant to learn basic scratching and maby become DJ´s,
Angelo has some great tutorials that explain everything you need to
know in detail. He tells you everything from what the different scratches
are called to practical tips like how to arrange your record needles.

You can watch his videos by klicking the link below:
DJ Angelo´s YouTube Page


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