Trip to Jönköping - Video!

Kaye has put up a video from his visit @ the
Bunkern Studio in Jönköping.
There are some fun moments and interviews.

Click here to check it out!

New Fade!

Michelle has made a new fade that didn´t end
up exactly like she wanted to.

Click here to see it!

Night Music!

Picture´s From Jönköping!

Kaye has put up some pictures from his road trip
to Jönköping together with Gatutalang, Allyawan and 2 i Styrka.

Klick here to see the pictures

Eating Alligator!

Have you ever wondered what alligator meat tastes like?
Kaye knows and he has put up a video from his experience.

Klick here to watch him eat some gator meat!

Backing Up Pato Pooh!

Kaye had to be a last minute DJ for Pato Pooh!
find out more on His Blog.

Click Here!

Michelle Needs Models!

Michelle needs more male models to do new
hairstyles on, so if you whant a cool hair cut
just contact her on her blog!

Click Here!

Kayes Post!

What´s Kaye listening to right now?

Click Here To Find Out!

More Fades!


Michelle has some new pictures to show you

from her works of art!


See the pic´s here!

Popping & Locking!

To entertain people with just two dancers on a
five minute long dance routine is not easy.
But Michelle has found some guys that can.

Click Here To Read More!

Funny Dance Routine!

Mike Song is a member of the "Yo Mama" dance crew
and this is a part of theyr dance routine.
The song is from the Nintendo Wii konsol.

New Music - Hermanos Bernal ft. Camaleon Landaez

Check Out Hermanos Bernal´s New Track
ft. Camaleon Landaez called "El Que Sae, Sae"
by goin into Kaye´s Blog!

New Hair Cuts


Check out some of the new hair cuts Michelle did!

You can see more haircuts on her blog:

Klick Here To Go To Michelle´s Blog

New Bloger!

We welcome Gatutalang to the SwagLikeThis
Family because he has decided to move his blog
in with us.

He will be writing about his way as a struggling
artist + shows and upcoming proyects.

Kaye´s Next Interview?

Check out who this guys is by reading Kaye´s Blog!

Your a Jerk!

Check out Michelle´s first post where she talks
about her new favorite dance style, Jerk!
And also shows a video from one of her friends
dancing this new skinny jeans wearing style.

The Numbers Are Rising!

It´s fun to see that the numbers are getting higher since
we re-opened the blog again with the new design.

Epic Dance Battle!

This is a dance battle between DTRIX & HOX from Quest Crew
V.S Victor Kim (also from Quest Crew) & Mike Song.

Biggest Freestyle Fail - Drake

Drake has apparently tried to freestyle live on a
Brittish radio show hosted by former Pimp My
Ride-Brittain host Tim Westwood.

Go in to Kaye´s Blog and watch the parody made
by Affion Crocket.

Review - Dr@gnet BLVD Mixtape!

Kaye has bin asked by DJ 2MUCH himself to make
a review on his newly released mixtape called:

Dra@gnet BLVD

With: Davidsdot, Roasta, SP 1200, JP Morg, Arsenik,
Stev o, Count V and Ice Bezzy.

To read the review and to download the mixtape
just click on the link:

Kaye´s Review on Dr@gnet BLVD

Welcome to the New SwagLikeThis!

Hi, welcome to SwagLikeThis!
As you may have noticed the blog has bin shut down for
a few days due to the reconstruction of the design.
There is a new member that you can see in the "Our Blogers"
window right under the menu bar.

Her name is Michelle and she will be taking care of everyhting
that has to do with HipHop fashion and looks.
And you can visit her blog by clicking on her picture in the
"Our Blogers" section above.

I have decided to make a seperate blog for my post´s
as well wich you can also find in the "Our Blogers" section.

This means that what used to be the SwagLikeThis Blog is
now the main page for both our blogs.
The reason for doing this is because we will have one or two
more blogers joining us and we will all have seperate themes.
But don´t worry, you dont have to go in to every single blog
to read whats going on in them.
Everything that every bloger writes will end up here anyways
so that you can get a full view of whats new.

We hope you will enjoy the new SwagLikeThis!

Stuart B - Producing Live!

A pretty good producer from downunder.
And yes it is all live!

Video streaming by Ustream

What Happened to Levis?

Some people have bin asking me randomly about what
happened with the DJ Levis interview.
The truth is that I don´t really know.

I have talked to him about making an interview and he told
me to hit him up on facebook and so I did.
I gave him a link to the blog, he tought it was good
and said OK to make an interview.
I wrote him with a day that I thought would be ok
and where he wanted to meet up.

But he never ansvered and I´m not going to beg
him for the interview either.
He is still one of my favorite DJ´s and I´m not going to
press him if he doesn´t want to get interviewed.

At least I´ve asked and now the ball is at his court.

If you want to know what´s going on in his life you can
always visit his personal blog by clicking the picture below.

Sneak Peak - The New Blog Design!

Here is a tiiiiiny preview of what the new header looks like.

I´m working on full speed with the new design and I am finally
done with the main page, but I´ve still got a lot of work ahead.
It is hard to redesign the whole blog because I have to think
really hard on not trying to make something that someone else
already has, because some poeple love to compare me to another
bloger and say that I steal ideas from there.

Some details are pretty new and some are basic stuff that all
blogers have, but This is what will represent my blog from now on.
The release date was set to July 12:th because I wasn´t sure that
I would be able to finish it all before that day.
But it seems that I might release the new design even earlier, we´ll
have to see what I feel for.

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