New Music - Labyrint "Kärleken"

New Music - Parham

Parham has just released a new solo track called
"Salutera Mitt Namn" (Salute My Name).
You can check it out on "" by klicking
on the link below.

Parham - Salutera Mitt Namn (Prod Hazardous Hab)

Bambuser - "K-One" & "Million Stylez"

Music Video Premiere - Allyawan "Puppet Master"

My boy Allyawan first killed it when he released
powerful tracks like "Project Steps feat Dj Devastate".
And now he has released the video for "Puppet Master".

Soon to come are videos for the tracks:
-"Let's Fly feat. Hazardous Hab"
-"Cold Hearted"
and "Cali 2 Da Hip" which I filmed and edited

Remember that Allyawan´s tape "iChronicles 1.0" is being
released November 4:th 2010.
Release Party November 5:th @ Henriksberg, GBG


New Music - "2 i styrka" Spela över

2iStyrka gives us a piece of his mind when
he explains his anger against some rappers.

SwagLikeThis TV - Interview with SICK ART!

SLT Recommends - GreenStreetWan Blog!

My boy Allyawan has started up a blog where
he takes us into his personal life and thoughts.
He has recently posted an article of his favorite
rappers from Gothenburg piece by piece and
first up was Angered.

Allyawan is a very wise guy although he is so young
and one of my favorite rappers.
You will find a link to his blog at my recommended links
on the right-side menu bar.

I´ve also finally talked with him about when the
video I made for him will be released.
He didn´t give me an exact date but he said that it
will be released sometime in november.

New Music - VIC VEM "Innan"!

Last week Vic told me he was going to release
a new track from his and Parham´s upcoming album
called "Mer än ord/Tills motsatsen bevisas".
He said that the track was going to be crazy
and recomended me to keep a look out for it.

I didn´t want to put the bar high for my expectations
but VIC´s optimism intrigued me.
When I finally heared the track which was titled
"Innan", I had to admit that I underestimated him.
Even with my mind ready for something good,
little did I know that he would release something
that could only be defined as "MURDER" as we say.

"Innan" is a track that I believe many can relate to
and relations to a song is important within the industry.
But VIC has managed to add something that not many
artists now a days can do, he put his heart into it.

Video Description from YouTube:
Allt blir inte som man tänkt sig och ingenting
kommer att bli som det var.
Vi tar lite tid och ägnar en tanke åt dem stunder
och personer som lämnat våra liv.
"Innan" är tagen från Parham & Vic's kommande album
"Mer än ord/Tills motsatsen bevisas".

New Music - Allyawan "Project Steps" ft. DJ Devastate!

Allyawan just linked me this track on Facebook.
It´s the latest release from his upcoming mixtape
"iChronicles 1.0" which he is making with DJ Foolish,
the Mixtape is dated to be released on Novemeber 4:th.

Check it out here below.


Project Steps
Produced by DJ Devastate


Don´t forget to visit Allyawan´s page to get
the latest updates on his releases.


Ken Ring - Oro I Min Själ! (snippet)

Ken Ring gives us a couple of seconds sneak peak
on the song "Oro I Min Själ" which will be a part of
his upcoming mixtape "Kiprono".

Upcoming Interview - Sick Art (Killa Clowns)!

It´s been month´s since I made an interview
and now that I have my new Sony NEX-5 cam,
I tought it was time to hit up my boy Sick Art.

I´ve made an interview with him before but we
agreed on not to aire it and to wait for the right moment
and when he had some more proyects going on.
Now the time has come to finally meet up with him
and remake the interview that some of you have
been waiting for.

Sick Art is a child prodigy within the Swedish West
HipHop Scenes and has some big proyects coming up.
The interview will take place on friday and I will try to put
it up as soon as possible.

Ayla, HighWon & I-Smile "Det Nya Sverige"!

Update - Allyawans Video!

I´ve finally finished the street video for Allyawans
track "Cali 2 Da Hip".
Allyawans is happy with it and I´m sure you will be too.
There are just some small details that have to be added
before the video is done completely for release.

New Music - Köza "Vallby"

Salah Edin "Gena Tahtha Aqdama Al Oumahat"

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