i'm back

havent been working much this week but tomorrow im back at the salon,, and this time i hope they let me try somthing new on the fades.   got sooo much ideas !!

i would like to show the first time i tryed it, don't laugh,, it look terreble but u can't get eny better if you don't sacrifice... and i realy did!!


Need ''Models''

As you all should know I'm still learning, I have still 1 year left in school so I need hair models, I've been cuting hair almost 3 years now but I've always wanted to be a hairdresser so I'm very serious about it and will do everything to learn  new things.
Therefore, I need more guys I can practice on and I have a hairstyle that I have been wanted to do for a long time, however, I still need a guy who would go along with it.

This is the hair style + the design, so if youre interessted tell me I need all the hair models I could get  =)

More Fade

I Love my job    =D





Popping & Locking

 It's not easy to make the croud happy with a 5 minut dance with just 2 peolpe performing.
But these guys realy made everyone laugh , and had the croud with them the whole way !   

Nice one, have to admit that the best perfomance are the funny ones, could watch them for hours  =)

My work

Got some pictures to show from yesterday when i workt 10 hours at the salon. Hard work but time flyes bye when youre having fun.






This last haircut is not eny haircut you'll see on enyone, this is more the kind of haircuts you see on runway shows and magazines, it could even be a haircut for a competitio.
I've been working quite hard on these things becouse thats the kinde of stuff that I wanna be working with later.



You will soon see some pictures of what im dedicated to, tomorrow i got allot too do at work and i’ll make shore to take som pictures to show you guys.


Enywhoos, I would like to show a clipp of the ’’new ’’ dance style thats in town, it´s actualy not that new but you see this guys more often now here i gothenburg. And i just got too admid it,  I LOVE IT,  and there style!!!    It’s funn, allot too play with, not allot of peolpe that like them skinny jeans but … No haters here  =)


Soo, enjoy     .   This is my friend Njaga jerkin, so if you ever see him ask him too teach you how to jerk.

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