News - 2 i Styrka VS Shazaam!

An epic battle between two of Swedens most hyped up Battle-MC´s
is finally a fact. It is a battle between Sweden´s two biggest cities,
represented by "2 i Styrka" (GBG) & "Shazaam" (STHLM).
It will be a battle to remember!

Time and place are as following:

2 i Styrka vs. Shazaam
Brought to you by, Ubahn Streetwear store, Swag Like This och
Saturday, June 19:th
Ubahn Streetwearstore
Karl Gustavsgatan.19

The battle starts @ 16:00 but you´re welcome to drop in @ 15:00
for mingle, music, special offers & more.
There is a limited amount of entries since the amount of space
only permits 70 people to attend.

News - ENC Contest!

Support ENC and you could win one out of three signed singles
of his new single "Como Puedo Explicar".
The single is in stores all over France, Germany, Holland and Spain!
So don´t miss out, join the contest now.
For rules and conditions watch the video below.

Klick Here to write to the voice!

Dont forget to write:
ENC - Como Puedo Explicar

News - Interview With Rigo

Yes you guessed it!
This saturday I will be interviewing Rigo.
Rigo has been a part of The Latin Kings, Infinite Mass,
Crossfire and also has a great career as a solo artist.
Creating music that has inspired most of Swedens
biggest artists since 1988.
I thought that it was time to pay him a visit and let him
tell his story to you guys.

By the way, the Ken Ring And DJ 2Much video will be up
next week since it is so much material.

News - Advance Patrol´s New Video!

Finally it´s here!

Advance Patrols music video "El Poder" ft. Cestar.
This video was made during they´r visit to Chile.
I hope you enjoy it.

News - Welcome To The Family!

An artists that I know has asked me to be his manager.
I seriously belive in this artist and believe that you will
be hearing a lot from him this summer.
We already have the whole package planned!
I´ve already started making the plans for his first
street video, the mixtape will be out soon and we already
have a couple of giggs booked up with a crazy show.

Who is this artist you might ask yourself?
I´m not going to reveal that untill we have done some more things.
But as fast as we work I don´t think it will take long.

Anyways he has a new song that he will be releasing soon
that I personally belive will be this summers hit banger.
So keep yourself updated to find out who this mysterious
artist is.

News - Make Your Questions To Allyawan!

As you might know Allyawan agreed on making an interview
for the SwagLikeThis Blog.
So now you have a chance to ask him what ever you want!
Send me your questions to:

I will try to ask him as many of your questions as possible.
And he also said that he has some new info that he wants
to share with you guys.

So send me you questions!
It can be more than one question and I´ll try to include
them in the interview if it is possible.

Support Swedish HipHop!

The blog Du Vet Inte is going to make a mini tour through Sweden to complete the
missing material for the "En Resa Genom HipHop Sverige" documentary.

But they need your help!

You can donate what ever amount of money to sponsor theyr trip and support this
proyect to bring Swedish HipHop one step closer to unity.

To donate and more info about wich citys they are going to stop by, klick on the logo above.

News - The Parham Interview Releases Tonight!

Thats Right!
I´m releasing the interview tonight.

So be sure to keep yourself updated for the almost 10 minute long
uncut version of my interview with Parham.
Since the youtube quality sucks I am going to upload the video
through vimeo because the real quality is a lot better then what you
saw on the teaser I released.

News - Upcoming Interview "Sick Art"

I talked to Artimez yesterday and we agreed on a time an place for an interview.
It will be fun to see what he has to say because I haven´t seen any real
interview made with him where he gets to explain his thoughts and opinions.
But first I have to finish the interview with Parham before I can release this one.

We decided that this interview also would be recorded and not Live.
so if you whant to make your questions to him you will have to sen them to my e-mail.

News - Ice Cube "New Album Coming Up"

Ice Cube has released his new single "I Rep That West" from his upcoming
album called "I Am The West" wich will be released on July 13th, 2010.
You can listen to the single @ his website: WWW.ICECUBE.COM

Here below you can see the trailer to his upcoming video being premiered
on on May 10:th.

News - Interview With Parham Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Big Day my people!
Unfortunately Its going to be a regular interview and not a "Street Talk"
segment where we would usually go LIVE!
But you can still make your questions by mailing them to:

I will try to put up the interview as soon as possible for all of you to see.
It´s still going to be a video interview, it´s just not going to be LIVE.

Well here below I´m leaving you with a little parody I did today
to celebrate that my daughter got baptised today. Enjoy!

News - Stor´s New Tunes

Check a sneak peak on Stor´s new shiit coming soon!

News - Fuerza Chile Gala

If you live in Stockholm City you can´t miss this today!
The benefits from the concert will go to help the victim of
one of history´s biggest earthquakes that hit Chile.
In Gothenburg there where about 600 people attending to help
and now it´s Stockholms turn.
The poeple of Chile needs You!

News - R.I.P Guru

The great artist Guru has past away yesterday after over a whole year
of fighting with Cancer.
Before he died he wrote a letter to his fans, family and even a part
dedicated to his former DJ.

When I read this letter I couldn´t help but to think that it had bin tampered
with by someone.
I´m not saying that Guru didn´s write that letter, I´m just saying that
it seems like somone has either added words or removed som parts of the
original letter.

I tought that I was the only one that thought about that but now I
see that I´m not alone on that suspicion.

If you want to read the letter you can do so by clicking below.
Guru´s Letter.

What do you think?
Is the letter tampered with?

Guru - On the behalf of myself and the SwagLikeThis Blog,
I send your family and true friends my condolences!

New Blog Chapter - Street Talk

Since my last LIVE interview was kind of successful,
I decided to keep on doing this and I am calling that
part of the blog "Street Talk".
For you who missed it, it goes down like this.

You go in to the link to my Bambuser Account.
There you will be able to se both old clips and if I´m
interviewing someone at the moment it will say "Live".

When I´m Live you can see the interview and right next
to the video there is a "chat box".
Everyone can write in the chat, even if you are not a member.

This chat is so that you can make your questions Live
to the artist that Im interviewing.
And you will get answers right away.

Last Sunday I had an interview with Gatutalang, Bob Village,
Nato and N.M.E.
We where sending LIVE while walking through the streets of
Gothenburg City.
If you missed that interview you can see it by clicking below.
Street Talk #1 - Gatutalang, Bob Village, Nato, N.M.E

I´ve also already talked to another artist to interview
and if you whant to know who it is you will just have to keep
yourself updated here on the blog.

Have a nice day!

News - Cypress Hill Are Coming Back!

The famous rap group Cypress Hill are coming back!
Their new album is called "Rise Up" and is coming
out on the 4th of June 2010.
The Music Video for the first single, "It Ain´t Nothin´",
will be out soon.
But you can already download the song @ their web-page below:

Anyways here you can see the promo for both the Album
and upcoming Music Video

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