Thinking Back!

One of the hardest things for a artist to manage when they
perform infront of an audience that dont know you.
Is to make them digg your music and sing along.
But thinking back not so long ago Pato Pooh managed to
do this back in Gothenburg.

And on top of that it was a memory ceremony for the 63
teenagers that lost theyr lifes in a the fire @ Backaplan.
The audience was angry and said that how could the
people that arranged the ceremony fail with the task.
Because some artists didnt see this as a ceremony for
the lost ones of hundreds of people.
They saw it as just another gig to promote themselfs.

So when I finally saw Pato he asked me how the audience was.
And I was frank with him and told him how the situation
looked, this made him more nervous and started to think
how he would solwe this without offending the audience.

The first thing he does when he gets on stage is to tell the
audience that he is sorry for everybodys loss and that he
was honored to be invited. He kept on saying that he doesnt
have any songs to honor the lost ones but that he hoped
that his performance would be enogh.

And to be honest Pato was the only one that managed to
make the audience stand up and applaud.

Here is the only images I managed to find from that day.
Enjoy// D La Kaye a.k.a SwaggerBoy

New Song - Medina ft. Alex Rios "Sista Gången"

Medina has made a new song together with Alex Rios from Angered in Gothenburg.
I like this songs feeling and especially the melody from the spanish chorus.
What do you guys think?

You can download the song by clicking below:
Medina ft. Alex Rios - Sista Gången

All Time Favourite Swedish HipHop - Part Two

If you haven´t seen the first part you can click below
There are proberbly some songs that I´ve forgot for now, but at least
the list has the ones that mean the most to me.

Ken Ring - Eld Och Djupa Vatten

The Latin King - De E Knas

Timbuktu - Gott Folk

Ison & Fille - Haffa

Fattaru - Mina Hundar

Ayo - Betong Djungelboken

Feven - Tio Budord
Motivation: I just had to put Feven on the list because she was the
only female rapper that actually made it back then.

Advance Patrol - Min Dag
Motivation: This is one of my all time favourite song because in it raps maby
one of sweden greatest rappers. That sadly enough isn´t with us anymore.
R.I.P Chafic

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