What´s Kaye Planning?!

Yeah you never really know what´s about to pop up in my head,
but I have a lot of things going on in my llife right now.
I have a new artist under my management called "Broshan"
and Gatutalang has told me that he has some new songs coming.

After a lot of thinking and after some convincement from a great
friend, I have decided to officially try and dedicate myself to the
music again.
Or at least make one or two song and see how people react.

Yesterday I finished the beat for the first track that I will be
releasing and I really liked it but just to be sure, I sent it to
some people that usually work making beats.
And they confirmed my thoughts on it.

I don´t have any headphones so I haven´t been able to mix
the beat properly, so if anyone want´s to borrow me a pair,
Just holla!.

Also I am going to have an artist joining me on this one,
who it is? You´ll just have to wait for the answer.


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