Interesting Act? "Cold Morris"

Cold morris is an big band group that performs a mixture of HipHop/Funk
Live on stage with a Live band as you could have guessed allready.
I think there should be more bands like this so people get what they
pay for when they go to the shows.
Sometimes just seeing one or two people perform on stage isn´t enough
to entertain an audience that expects the best.
These guy´s do a pretty good job and I think that they should be more
noticed, allthough they seem to need a little more experience.

DJ Levis Exposed?

O.K so here is the big news of the year so far within the Swedish
HipHop DJ Scenerie.
Apparently there have been a couple of DJ´s that have been
critizising DJ Levis for not actually DJ´ing during his shows.
And me being myself a DJ aswell, I know that that is the lowest
kind of fraude within the DJ industry.

My main source right now is DJ Neno, a well known DJ
here in Gothenburg City.
According to Neno and a print screen shot he is accusing Levis
for fraude, not just as a DJ but also of whom is really sponsoring him.
Levis has been putting up the logos of both KingSizeMagazine and
TopStreetWear promoting them as his sponsors during several shows.
When Neno contacted KingSize Magazine they denied ever have any
deal with DJ Levis and where outraged.

Now apparently both KingSize and TopStreetWear are trying investigate
this manner and T.S.W have mentioned that their lawyers will be informed
according to a friend of Neno that knows workers at the company.

Now let´s get back to Levis not actually mixing when he performs.
Here below is a video that DJ Neno himself put up on his blog where
he says that you can clearly see that he is actually never mixing,
he never touches the faders and still the music is changing all the time.
And another thing that for me seems really obvious as a DJ and Neno
pointed this out as well.
Levis never even touches the left CD player, he lets it go on for a long time.
I have never seen a CD player that chenges itself on cue before, so unless
Levis has his own custom made players that know when to change tracks,
I have to agree with DJ Neno.

I will be looking in to this further and I hope that if Levis keep´s his ground
and still say´s that he is all legit, then prove it because to be honest Levis,
this isn´t looking good for your career.

DJ Levis Fake DJ
Uploaded by djnenodotcom. - See the latest featured music videos.

Make sure to visit:

Pics From 331 Wernamo!

The Gun´s are NOT real so don´t worry we were just having fun with them.

Merry X-Mas!

Great Site! is a dude that has gone deep
into the theories of the new world order within Sweden.
If you are tired of being ignorant and whant to know what´s
truly going on in this country then this guy has some pretty
logical hypothisis.

"Inte snackas det fan något om Terror när den misstänkte "Lasermannen" Peter mangsk skjutit och dödat ett flertal invandrare under en väldigt lång tid och satt en hel stad i skräck som gjort att många människor med invandrarbakgrund inte ens vågat gå till jobbet längre..Inte är det terror när man skjuter människor med en annan etnisk bakgrund inte fan är det Terrorism då inte! det är bara en "galen" människa men när en muslim gör något då är det på direkten "terror" varför är det skillnad på två typer av terror ? detta anser jag vara grov dubbelmoral.

Quote from the blog.

Good Morning!

Two weeks ago I brought Pato Pooh to Gothenburg for a
performance, but sadly enough he got pains in his stomach.
So I met him up in the emergency at Östra Sjukhuset
and found him like this picture below.

The very next day he had another show in the city and he
felt that he couldn´t disappoint his fans so he did the performance.
That´s what I call a true warrior and artist, although it is
a little foolish to risk your health like that in my opinion.

The reason for his pains where that some of his organs where starting
to clash with each other, according to the doctor it is a normal
thing to gastric bypass patients.

Pato had this operation made because he couldn´t loose weight
by himself and it was starting to affect his health to a dangerous level.

There are a lot of people that didn´t know that Pato was obese
since he became thin by the time he had his hit "Follow Me"
If you wonder how he looked before, here is a video for the first
single of his street album "The I Work Hard Chronicles"

New Music - RadOne "It´s Getting Better" (ft. Kam & Xandy Berry)

Radwan a.k.a "RadOne" is an old childhood friend of mine
and I didn´t even know that he was a rapper.
We don´t speak so frequently so that may be why.

Anyways here is a song he released today ft. Kam and Xandy Berry.

The beat itself is a little too Pop-Like for my taste
but still the rap is really sick, I would never have thought
that these guys are from Sweden if I didn´t know that fact already.

He also put up a free download link:

BTK Mixtape by "K.J" Out Now!!!

This shit is insane!
Well made sick ass beats, great artists that turn the songs
into pure murder and gives 100% satisfaction.

Including the hit "Get Doe" with Allyawan and Lazee.

Alibi, Chris Mhina, Allyawan, Ricky, Pato Pooh, Kodie, Lazee,
Lowam K, Alex Rios, Meemo Jacobs and Emilio are all participating
with something in this tape.
It has something for all types and styles.


Download "BTK"

Legends Coming to GBG!

One of the crews that in my opinion are a cornerstone
within Swedish HipHop are Advance Patrol.
I haven´t seen them performed in gothenburg since
they released their album "Aposteln".
But a little bird told me that they are coming back
very soon to GBG to giva a kick ass performance.

I know that they have newer songs but the classics
are classics for a reason.

Ozone Battle - Allyawan VS Crome!

OK first of all let start by saying that Allyawan and crome
have spoken since this took place and have burried the
war hatchet.

And second of all, in my opinion Allyawan took this one.
They both had great punchlines and finishes but Crome
just didn´t make sense sometimes.
And I don´t know why but there was something in his
style of delivering that didn´t sit well with me.

Yet I repeat this is just my opinion so please, I do not
want crome supporters bombing me.
He did a good job but still in my point of view Allyawan did it better.

New Album - Parhan & VIC "Mer Än Ord/Tills Motsatsen Bevisas"

It´s Finally HERE!!!!
Visit to download this Album for free
and support my boys Parham and VIC!

Studio Session with H.2.O, Broshan and Dado!

Yesterday day I was in the studio with the boys from
H.2.O together with my artist Broshan and Dado.
The H.2.O boys were recording some tracks for their
upcoming album with sore throats and still delivering.
This album is certainly something that I will be keeping
an eye out for, especially for one of the tracks that
I heared yesterday.
I filmed a little but I don´t think that I will be putting
up the video since I didn´t film it well.
My Sony NEX 5 camera is in peru right now and I
shot the session with my iPhone 4.
Which is supposed to film in HD, but comparing the HD
from an iPhone and a DSLR camera it´s just mediocre.

Anyawys these guys have a bright future, although
they still need to improve their microphone skills
and techniques.
But those are minor things that are easely fixed with
experience and training.
And I´m sure that they will overcome those obstacles.

Best of wishes to you guys!


Dado, Broshan and I have decided to go on a roadtrip to Värnamo
to meet up with the producer that runs under the name Hurricane.
What we´re going to do there? No idea, haha, Broshan only told me
we where going on the trip. But I assume that its music relatet.
We´re going to drive there on friday next week.

I´ve also booked a meating with Anduena Vllasliu, to include her
in a interview for the blog and to get to know her better since
both of us work within the music scenerie.
She´s only 17 years old but already doing big business.

Hermanos Bernal @ The Redline Studio with Camaleon Landaez!

What´s Kaye Planning?!

Yeah you never really know what´s about to pop up in my head,
but I have a lot of things going on in my llife right now.
I have a new artist under my management called "Broshan"
and Gatutalang has told me that he has some new songs coming.

After a lot of thinking and after some convincement from a great
friend, I have decided to officially try and dedicate myself to the
music again.
Or at least make one or two song and see how people react.

Yesterday I finished the beat for the first track that I will be
releasing and I really liked it but just to be sure, I sent it to
some people that usually work making beats.
And they confirmed my thoughts on it.

I don´t have any headphones so I haven´t been able to mix
the beat properly, so if anyone want´s to borrow me a pair,
Just holla!.

Also I am going to have an artist joining me on this one,
who it is? You´ll just have to wait for the answer.

Looking Forward To - Parham & VIC "Mer än Ord/Tills Motsatsen Bevisas"

This is a proyect that I have been waiting for a while now.
Parham & Vic have such a chemistry on stage that it
makes me wonder, "how are they in the studio"?
Will they deliver with the same power or will they
actually be worse?

One thing is certain, they always keep amazing me.

I´m looking forward to see what they bring with this album
and what kind of feeling you get listening to it.

1 YEAR!!!!

I cant believe that it´s gone a whole year since I started
this blog which was on "" at the time.
I´m really happy with what I´ve achieved in just one year.

Pato Pooh
Sky Kid

Behind the scenes:
Broshan - "Hur e Läget Brorsan" Music Video Recording

Road Trips:
Oslo (Norway)

2 i Styrka VS Shazaam

Award Events:
P3 Guld Galan

One thing that I didn´t even think about and which Sam "Broshan" Alfaro
pointed out to me is that I have met and spent time with artists
that are idols and not just idols, some are even legends.

Rigo, Ken Ring, Advance Patrol, Timbuktu, Promoe, Ison ...
Those are just some of the names of poeple that I had the opportunity
to meet thanks to the work I´m doing through my blog.
And I could never imagin that I would get to meet all of them in one single year.

I also appreciate having met Stor, Allyawan, Hermanos Bernal, El Axel (Norway),
Gatutalang, Parham & VIC, Broshan, Melika "Du Vet Inte" Zakariae, DJ 2Much
and many more people.
It´s just so many persons that I´ve met that the list will go on forever.

I thank You All for a wonderful year and for the support.
For all the wize words I have been given and all the good times we´ve shared.

Pictures from the "Hur E Läget Broshan" Video Shoot!

Upcoming Behind The Scenes - "Hur E Läget Broshan"

Yesterday Sam "Broshan" Alfaro invited me to film
behind the scenes of his upcoming video for the
track "Hur E Läget Broshan".
The song is one of the tracks that will be included in
his still in progress album "Svensk Blatte".

When I arrived at the filming location he was standing
next to Ivo, practically a legend within HipHop in GBG.
Who is also starring in the video.

What I like with this video is that it has a red thread
going through it and a storyline that many people can relate to.
The behind the scenes video will hopefully be up
this week, if everything goes as planned.

Don´t forget to visit for more on his music


Friday 26:th of November, Gothenburg has the
opportunity to have as guest, no one less than
Swedish Grammy Nominee PATO POOH!!!

And our local teen group 3D Boys will be the warm up act.

This show is exclusive for members of the youth center
1200 Kvadrat and to members of Sentimiento Latino.
The membership at Sentimiento Latino only costs 50 kr
for teens and is valid as a free entrance to all future
events for a whole year.

Interested in a membership?
Just take contact with Sentimiento Latino for more info:

Phones. Rosa 0735123085

or straight to me. 0761686315

And your more than welcome to sign up for the event on Facebook

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