New Music - VIC VEM "Innan"!

Last week Vic told me he was going to release
a new track from his and Parham´s upcoming album
called "Mer än ord/Tills motsatsen bevisas".
He said that the track was going to be crazy
and recomended me to keep a look out for it.

I didn´t want to put the bar high for my expectations
but VIC´s optimism intrigued me.
When I finally heared the track which was titled
"Innan", I had to admit that I underestimated him.
Even with my mind ready for something good,
little did I know that he would release something
that could only be defined as "MURDER" as we say.

"Innan" is a track that I believe many can relate to
and relations to a song is important within the industry.
But VIC has managed to add something that not many
artists now a days can do, he put his heart into it.

Video Description from YouTube:
Allt blir inte som man tänkt sig och ingenting
kommer att bli som det var.
Vi tar lite tid och ägnar en tanke åt dem stunder
och personer som lämnat våra liv.
"Innan" är tagen från Parham & Vic's kommande album
"Mer än ord/Tills motsatsen bevisas".


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