New Mixtape - Allyawan "Stormen Före Lugnet"!


Allyawan just released his tape translated to "The Storm Before the Calm".

The tracks are in Swedish which is unusual because he normaly raps

in English for most of the time.

Joining him on this tape are Bigry Mac, J. Banner. and the two members

from the group Medina and the tracks are produced by Durimkid,

Main I.N.G, Kiano, Hurricane, Pursuit Sound, K.J., Toba Beats & LIAH.


I recommend that you download it right here: Allyawan.COM

Oh Yeah and don´t forget ... Spread That SHIT!!!!!!

New Music Video - Adoo ft. Allyawan & Lil´ Star "Fuck Polisen"

In the 8th of february I put up this track and told you that there
was a music video being recorded. Well, that video is out now!

In my opinion this video isn´t good at all. There´s nothing special
with it, there is no detail that makes it rememberable.
HOWEVER! This isn´t a theme where the video is suppoed to be
full of special effects.
This video is about the music and the message - Fuck The POLICE!
The track is sick and that´s all that matters because it tells the story
of somethign that happens every god damn day all over the world.
And considering how fast the video was made, it is a deasant video.

New Music!!!!

There has been a lot of songs released on both sunday and monday
in the honor of valentines day, but not all of them.

#1. Broshan & Deuce ft. Sarmed - Krigare 2 (Prod. Pappi)

#2. Pato Pooh - Kill Cupid (Prod. Pablo Paz, Co. Prod. Gameboii)

#3. Allyawan - Marionettmästaren (Prod. Main I.N.G)

#4. Aycash ft. Ricky - Te Tengo A Ti (Prod. Leontin)

Aycash - Te Tengo a Ti ft Ricky by Aycash

Meta Four ft. Rico Won - Spraycans!

Gothenburg seems to be spittin on the mic non stop and droppin track after track.
Meta Four is a rapper that I didn´t really appreceate untill he started recording
solo track´s apart from his usual rapping with the crew Killah Clowns.
With him on this track is Rico Won whom after putting the mic away for a couple of
years has decided to make a comeback during Allyawan´s "iChronicles" release party
and is now hitting the recording booth hard and frequently.

Adoo ft. Allyawan & Lil´Star - Fuck Polisen

This track was released a couple of days ago, it´s the rapper Adoo together
with Lil´Star and one of the most talented rappers in my opinion Allyawan.
A music video is in the making for this track and it´s being shot at different
locations in the country.

Broshan, El Talento & Casha - Göteborg!

I know that this was released in january but as you know I have been busy.
Anyways this is a track made by both of my artists and a very talented
singer called Cesha, the track is called "Göteborg" and for you who read my
blog from outside of Sweden that is the name of our City a.k.a Gothenburg.


New Music - Zaturno ft. Pato Pooh & Ricky "Tu Cariño Se Me Va"

These three artists have managed to break new grounds again
with this breath taking track called "Tu Cariño Se Me Va".
This practically all spanish song tells the story of how it feels
and thoughts that you have when someone you truly love is gone.

Zaturno is a highly respected rapper from Chile, Pato Pooh and
Ricky are working as a duo not as single artists.
And let me point out that this is the best song in my opinion
that Pato and Ricky have made together as a team.

By the way Pato Pooh is in Chile right now on a promotion tour
that his over seas fans in the old country have been demanding.

I give my standing ovations to everybody involved in this proyect
everything from the beat, the video, the lyrics and the final product.
I have to say that this is one of the most well made tracks/music videos
in a looong time and that actually has a red thread all the way.

New Music - SödraSidan ft Danjah "Södra Sidan" (Dalenbarn Produktion)

It seems to be a busy day for Swedish HipHop, first "Stationen"
and now this track by SödraSidan ft. Danjah.


New Music - Ison & File, Stor and Aleks "Stationen"

Hofmästarn & Roffe Ruff "Majorna"

I´ve heared this song a lot of times before but never knew
what it was called or who were the artists behind it.
Anyways this track represents Majorna, a suburb of the
west Gothenburg area.
I´m not from there nor have I ever lived there but you
don´t have to be from an area just to like a song about it.

New Music - Broshan "Hur e Läget Brorsan" @ Kingsize!

Kingsize Magazine has put up my artist "Broshan´s" latest single
"Hur e Läget Brorsan" on their page.
The song is about the true life stories  that occure
every day in the urban neighbourhoods and the beat
is produced by "Hurricane".

Go to KingsizeMagazine.Se to hear the song and to read
their commentary´s on it as well.

Also visit BROSHAN.COM to hear more of his music,
videos and for the tour schedule.
If you want to book "Broshan" for a show, just contact
me at


"Broshan" together with "Dado" and the "H20" will be
performing in Halmstad at the "Norre Port" restaurant.
For more info join the FaceBook Event:
Halmstad Local Jam Vol.2

New Music - Labyrint "Hat"!

New Music - Adoo "Lever Som Jag Lär"

Adoo is another artist that I have been ignoring musically, why?
I have no idea, I´ve been really arrogant lately.
I´ve let some things get to my head, but I´m feeling that
lately I´m becoming humble again.
I feel like I did when I first started out this blog 1 year ago,
I don´t see it as a job, I´m doing it for my love of music.

Anyways, I met Adoo last Sunday for the first time personally
and although we didn´t get to talk that much he seems like a
fun guy to hang around with.

New Music - Robyn "Dancehall Queen"

Robyn is an incredible Singer, Musician, Artists ... you name it!
Now she has released a video for her song "Dancehall Queen".
How can I express this video with the right words? hmm ....
Minimal and AWESOME!!!
Seriously, it´s been a long time since a saw a video this genious
and I don´t know if it was intended to be so but Robyn relates
a lot to Japan.
Her own Record Label is even titled "Konichiwa Records".
So putting an Asian girl to lipp sync in the video just makes
foreign people being more confused about who she really is.

And the song itself ... I seriously never thought that Robyn
would make a Dub styled song and make it soung great.
This girl can seriously go into any gengre and just ripp that shit.

New Music - Meta Four "Ti Ih Ubijas"!

The thing I love about music is that if it´s well made,
you don´t have to understand the language.
Meta Four has made one of those songs right now,
although the beat is some what taken from Ryan Leslie.

Meta Four is one of the more established rappers in the
Swedish West Coast scenerie and has made a name for himself
both in HipHop groups and as a Solo artist.

For more info on him, his music and his personal Bio visit:

Aycash - "Tu Y Yo" Music Video

I know this song has been out for a while now but
I just had to put it back up.
The video it self was shoot and edited by my childhood
friend Pablo Fuentes.

I remember the Aycash guys from the Casuela Crew times
which included Pato Pooh, Linda P and themselves.
I used to listen to their track "Casuela Jamming" everyday.

Emilio Jonsyn - "Sex and The City"

The first time I heared about Emilio was about two years
ago when I was invited to Skövde to DJ at a festival.
All the girls where going crazy over him and saying,
"he´s so sexy, I love his songs".
Well now I can at least say why they like his songs,
this track is killer.
This is actually the first song I have ever heared from Emilio.
I really regret not listened to him before, I wonder what more
I have been missing out on.

New Music - Parham & VIC "En Sista Gång" ft. Miss Relli (Prod. SirDizzle)!

It´s been a long time since I heared truly soulful
hiphop comming from any Swedish artist.
This track will definitely be played on my speakers
over and over again!

"Parham & VIC sover aldrig. Deras andra officiella singel gästas av det uppkommande
dancehall-stjärnskottet Miss Relli. Dem som redan hört låten spelas ute på klubben
vet vad det handlar om, en kärlekslåt som får både känslor och kroppar att röra sig.

Parham & VIC's streetalbum "Mer än ord/Till motsatsen bevisas" släpps på Söndagen
den 5:e December. Fram till dess, lär känna killarna bättre genom att besöka deras
bloggplattform som slår upp dörrarna nu på
Söndag den 21:e November."

New Music - Parham & VIC "Galen"

New Music - Leontin feat. Castor P & Ivo "Bränn en"

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