What Happened to Levis?

Some people have bin asking me randomly about what
happened with the DJ Levis interview.
The truth is that I don´t really know.

I have talked to him about making an interview and he told
me to hit him up on facebook and so I did.
I gave him a link to the blog, he tought it was good
and said OK to make an interview.
I wrote him with a day that I thought would be ok
and where he wanted to meet up.

But he never ansvered and I´m not going to beg
him for the interview either.
He is still one of my favorite DJ´s and I´m not going to
press him if he doesn´t want to get interviewed.

At least I´ve asked and now the ball is at his court.

If you want to know what´s going on in his life you can
always visit his personal blog by clicking the picture below.

Postat av: Du Vet Inte

han är lätt den snyggaste DJen också heheh

2010-07-04 @ 02:05:44
URL: http://duvetinte.se

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