Busy Bee!

This summer is going to be one of my busiest!
I´m going to reveal my plans to you guys.

First of all I have a couple of interviews planned with
Allyawan, Gatutalang, Sick Art (With Another Known Rapper),
Kaanquest, DJ Levis and others.

Then as a very few of you know, I also work as a DJ and
a very good friend of mine called ENC.
Has chosen me to be his official DJ and I will be traveling
with him through some parts of Europe on his tour.

And we will also be performing here in Sweden as
warm up for the group Crossfire.

This summer I will also start a proyect that I´ve bin
planning for 5 years.
I will make a documentary on the art of graffiti.
And how the main media tries to trash talk it by categorizing
it together with regular wall drawings.
This will be filmed during my travel through Europe and
I will be interviewing known people from the HipHop
community in theyr countries.
On what theyr opinion of this is.

Also before I start my journey in July I will arrange one big
event that for now will remain secret.
But let me tell you this ... It will be FREE and it will be out doors


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