Tips and Tricks!

OK, so what I´ve noticed is that there are a lot of free programs
to download for PC´s but people that have MAC´s have a little
more difficult to find programs for theyr cumputers.
Since I use a Mac I had to look hard before I found programs that
could work well for me, so here I´m giving you some tips.

Music/Video Downloads:

This program actually works for both Mac´s and PC´s.
What you can do with this program is download both Video´s
and even extract the audio by applying a URL link from YouTube.
You can even use it to convert videos/audios to other formats
and change the size of the image.

To download this program just klick on the logo above!

Live Cam Streaming FX:

If you stream videos live with for example Bambuser or Stickam,
this is a great option to add effects and texts to the video.
One bad thing is that if you have an older version than
Mac OS X 10.4 the latest version of CamTwist wont work on
your computer.
All you have to do is search for a little older version of the program
and it will work perfectly with your Mac.

This program is 100% free and only works with Mac computers.

Please do not use these tips to brake any laws or copyrights


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