Parham & V.I.C @ Kontiki

Don´t Miss This!
Parham & V.I.C Live @ Kontiki 1:st of May.
Parham is actually one of the artists I´ve bin talking to
about making a interview with in my new blog chapter called "Street Talk".
He is really a great artist and I recomend all of you to go and listen to him Live.
Here is a song made by him for the "The Real Deal" Mixtape made by SwedishHipHop

Coming Soon!

February 27:th a big earthquake hit Chile,
the 5:th biggest one ever recorded in the world.

Now some of Swedens big names with Chilean origin are uniting to
gather money and send to the 2,000,000 victims that now are without homes.
This is going to become a tour that will travel alla over Sweden and it will
start in Gothenburg City. (Göteborg)

This Gala will take place in the night club GamlePort, Mars 20:th.
Every single penny will go straight to the Chilean Goverment
that will make sure that the money gets there.

To get updated on the event taking place in Gothenburg you can
join the event page in Facebook by klicking on the link below:!/event.php?eid=332332333375&ref=ts

Pato Pooh, Stor and Hermanos Bernal are some of the names that are
already confirmed to appear @ the Gala.
More will be put in the Facebook page shortly.

Video - DuVetInte´s B-Day Bash

The video from mah homegirl Melika´s blog´s B-Day
is finally up!
Check It Out Below.
Filmed and edited by yours truly.

Kartellen Live @ DuVetInte´s B-Day Party

This is the exclusive images of Sebbe from Kartellen performing
@ the DuVetInte B-Day Party.
This images are filmed by me and is forbidden to anyone to use
without my permission.

The only ones in titled to claim this video are
And myself: SwagLikeThis Blog!!!!



Tonight is mah home girl Melika´s party from the blog DuVetInte.
7 artists and 4 DJ´s for just 100 SEK, thats cheap as hell.
Make sure to write your name on event wall @ facebook by clicking below
to secure your place on the list:!/event.php?eid=267717806087&index=1

But Hurry Up! Because the list closes @ 18:00 SHARP!!!!

See Your There!

Yesterdays Party - Pato Pooh & Stor

Yesterdays party was off the HOOK!
Stor kicked off the show and was even better live than
he was in his mixtape "Nya Skolans Ledare".
And if it wasn´t enough with that, he had a surprise
guest with him too. Can you guess who?
It was Petter, a legend in sweden aswell as stor
is a legend in the making as well as Pato Pooh.

When it was Pato Pooh´s Turn.
The audience fraked out with his live version of the
song "Follow Me" and he had his boy Finess
to back him up all the way.
There was no way that this Show could get any better.

Here are some of the pics that I took from yesterday!

Im Finally Im @ STHLM CITY!

Yes Sir!
Im finally here, this was the first view I got from the city from the train.
Anyways Im chilling with my cousin right now but soon we´ll be heading
towards Fasching to Join Pato Pooh @ Stors Party with T.R.N.O.
I hope to see sum of you there.

Thinking Back!

One of the hardest things for a artist to manage when they
perform infront of an audience that dont know you.
Is to make them digg your music and sing along.
But thinking back not so long ago Pato Pooh managed to
do this back in Gothenburg.

And on top of that it was a memory ceremony for the 63
teenagers that lost theyr lifes in a the fire @ Backaplan.
The audience was angry and said that how could the
people that arranged the ceremony fail with the task.
Because some artists didnt see this as a ceremony for
the lost ones of hundreds of people.
They saw it as just another gig to promote themselfs.

So when I finally saw Pato he asked me how the audience was.
And I was frank with him and told him how the situation
looked, this made him more nervous and started to think
how he would solwe this without offending the audience.

The first thing he does when he gets on stage is to tell the
audience that he is sorry for everybodys loss and that he
was honored to be invited. He kept on saying that he doesnt
have any songs to honor the lost ones but that he hoped
that his performance would be enogh.

And to be honest Pato was the only one that managed to
make the audience stand up and applaud.

Here is the only images I managed to find from that day.
Enjoy// D La Kaye a.k.a SwaggerBoy

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