New Music - Hermanos Bernal ft. Camaleon Landaez

Check Out Hermanos Bernal´s New Track
ft. Camaleon Landaez called "El Que Sae, Sae"
by goin into Kaye´s Blog!

New Music - Parham ft. Jacket "Avenyn"

Check out this song from 2009 that never was released
untill this day.
Produced by Kiano Beats himself.

Parham feat. Jacket - Avenyn (Prod. Kiano Beats) by parhampazooki

New Music - "DJ 2MUCH" DRGNET BLVD Mixtape!

DJ 2Much woke me up yesterday to tell me that he saw the
full version of the Ken Ring & DJ 2Much video.
And told me that my English was bad as hell hehe.

But he also told me to check out his new mixtape that
he has worked on toghether with:
Davidsdot, Roasta, SP 1200, JP Morg, Arsenik, Stev o, Count V and Ice Bezzy.

I have to say that this tape is one of my favorites right now
and Davidsdot is an artist that I will be following from now on.
There where some parts I didn´t like musically, but the vocal
parts can´t be complained anywhere if you ask me.

I seriously recommend you to at least download it and give it a try,
allthough I don´t think that most of you would consider it
something you would listen to everyday like I will from now on.

But then again I know that there are some of you that will
play this `till your speakers blow up.

Download it here
tell me what you thought?

New Music - Xzibit "Hurt Locker"

This is Xzibit´s new Music Video to his song called Hurt Locker.
I will leave you tonight with this song and I promise that tomorrow
I am going to release the Ken Ring and DJ 2Much video.
I know I was supposed to release it tonight but I decided to add
some subtitles because you can´t hear everything in it so good.

New Music - Teddybears ft. Stor "2 Lurar" (Rocket Scientist Remix)

Had to share with you guys this song.
It is a remix of Teddybears "Rocket Scientist" called "2 Lurar".
I first heard the Teddybears version for the first time when I
was documenting the P3 Guld Gala earlier this year.
And I have to say that it was awsome to hear it Live,
it was also there I first met Stor in person and interviewed him.

New Music - ENC & Ezekiel ft. Rigo "Your My"

As you might know by now, ENC is an artist that i DJ for.
Anyways here is his new official music video of his single
"Your My" already playing in Metropol.
Together with him are Ezekiel from Chile and Rigo, one of the
most famous artists in Sweden. (Infinite Mass, the Latin Kings and Crossfire)

ENC and I will be touring in Europe this summer so I won´t
be able to be reached at some times.

What do you think of this song?

New Music - XZibit "Phenom"

New Music - Rufi´Yo Florentino "U Should Know"

I know this isn´t Swedish HipHop!

But I just liked this song so much that I had to share it with you guys.

It´s Rufi-Yo Florentino and he just released his first music video

called "U Should Know"

And I´m pretty sure that I´m the first one in Sweden putting

up this song. Enjoy!


New Music - Medina "Allez"

Download The Song Here!

New Music - Kaninen "Vad Har Jag Gjort För Fel"

"Kaninen" has recently released a song called Vad Har Jag Gjort För Fel.
And if you ask me it is a pretty cool song because I think that everybody
has or will feel like this.
At least some of the things he mentions.

Who do you think "Kaninen" is? Please Comment...

New Music - N.M.E "Where You At"

Due to the delay of his netplays release, N.M.E has decided to release another
sneak peak called "Where You At" ft. Marius.
You can listen to it by clicking the link below:

New Music - G Punkten "Dom Diggar Min Stil"

I just had to put up this song!
What do you think About it?

New Music - Ken Ring & Tommy Tee "Helt Jävla Beng"

This shit is the SHIIIT!!!!!
Its one of the most powerfull songs in a long time if you ask me.
Watch this new Music Video released today.

You can even see my cousin Pato Pooh making an appereance.
Tell me what you think about it?

New Music - I-Lo "Oskrivna Tankar"

So as I´ve told you in my old blog mah boy I-Lo had startet a blog.
He has since bin working with a mixtape and here you can get a
sneak peak by going into his blog clicking below.

Enter I-Lo´s Blog

New Music - Young De "Blaze of Glory"

New Music - Medina "Go Girl"

New song by Medina - Go Girl

New Music - N.M.E "Will We"

N.M.E is a friend of mine that I have mentioned before in
in my old blog. (SwagLikeThis.Ning.Com)
He is about to release a new Mixtape and has released a
sneak peak that you can listen to by clicking HERE.

He is also coming to Gothenburg to visit and has told me that
he wanted to hang out while he is here.
So I decided to document his visit and show all of you a little
about him and what he has to say about his own and others music.

I might make it into a series of videos depending on how much
material I manage to record.

Anyways I think that this guy is one of those who is going to make
a name for himself.

Whats your opinion?

New Music - Sam E ft. Allyawan "Dont Worry Be Happy" (Remix)

I usually dont´t like remakes of songs but I have to admit that these
guys did a good job with this one.
This song was supposed to be on the Shubre Express Mixtape
but got put aside.

I´m sorry for not updated anything for two months but as you
who read my blog already knew I was having doubts about
even continuing bloging.
But I´m back again and I hope that you can forgive this little
period of silence.

New Song - Cypress Hill "It Ain´t Nothin´"

I told ya!
Cypress Hill is reunited and they are releasing a new
album in june.
here is the video of the albums first single.
Fresh out of the editing room for you.

New Song - Advance Patrol "Perdoname"

Advance Patrol has released a new music video.
The song is titled "Perdoname" and means Forgive Me.
The funny thing is that none of the actual members
appear in the video.
The song is from their latest album "El Futuro" (The Future)
that you can download for free @ The Pirate Bay.

Directed By Roberto Duarte!
I think that where going to see a lot more from this guy!

Watch the video here below, it´s one of the best videos
made for A.P I´ve ever seen!

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