New Song - Köza "Det Var Tider"

New Song - Kartellen "Skånegatan 365"

Kartellen has released a new song that you can download exclusively
@ mah HomeGirl Melika´s Blog (
Its the story of one of theyr friends here in Gothenburg City
that sat in a cell @ the police station in Skånegatan for 18 months
and was later convicted guilty and served another 5 years.
The acusations wore more or less false and thanks to this corrupt
country we live in this man lost five years of his daughters life and growth.

I´ve sat in the interrogation room of that police station falsely
acused for money fraud and had @ the time a 1 year old daughter.
I was about to flip out thinking of what would happen if they
decided to fuck with me and separate me from my daughter and family.
But I was lucky and was justified as innocent.

But the system messes arround with whom it wishes to
as long as we allow this to go on.
If more people would start to learned the most basic of laws then
they would know that some of the things policemen do are actually
illegal even for them during duty.
And with this knowledge we should start cuestioning theyr authorities
and just as they try to control us start to control them as well.

You can listen to the song below here but you can only
download it @ Melikas Blog

Change Of Plans!

Im sorry if I havent bin writing to you for a long
time but I´ve had a lot on my mind.

Should I keep on writing about HipHop?
Am I better off focusing on my musical life?
Does this blog have a future worth spending time on?

What do you guys think?

The thing is that I do a lot of things.
And one of the proyects I had in mind to do is
one of my biggest ones to this day.

Last week I started recording the verses to the
first song that will form part of my upcoming
street album.

It isnt just going to be songs made by me,
its is going to include songs that I have
Produced and written for other singers.
I already have two great female singers to
join me in this proyect.

The idea is to release this over the web and
also sending it to some of my friends in the
music industry in hope that they will be willing to
work with the singers in the album.

I will do all of this with no profits in mind.
None of the beats or songs I make for the singers
will I get paid for. I will not charge them if they
do get any performences with any of my songs.
And I will NOT charge anyone to buy the album.
Although donations are welcome!

Some of you might think that I´m just another dreamer!
But the thing that convinces me that this could work
is the fact that the music runs in my family.
Pato Pooh and Pablo Paz are my cousins.
They both have a great reputation in the HipHop
circles here in Sweden and I´ve had both theyr blessings
when it comes to Beat Productions.

And with that said some of you might think:
Ok, but theyr your family, they might just say so
so because they dont want to hurt you?

Thats why I got a third opinion from one of Swedens
most famous rappers.
Sam-E from the group Medina listened to one of my beats
during a Producer contest and gave it a 4 out of 5 points.
From about 25 beats only 5 of them got 4 points or higher.
So yeah I competed anonymous and against some well
known producers and still I was one of the top 5.
And I´ve had blessings from some other big names in
the HipHop industry but that has bin in private conversations
and inoficially, so you dont need to know who they are.

Well tell mw what you guys think?
I really whant to know your opinions.

Big Shout-Out to mah homeboi DJ Meiioo that told me
how much he loves this song when I was in sthlm a
couple of weeks ago!

New Song - Cypress Hill "It Ain´t Nothin´"

I told ya!
Cypress Hill is reunited and they are releasing a new
album in june.
here is the video of the albums first single.
Fresh out of the editing room for you.

Video - DuVetInte´s B-Day Bash

The video from mah homegirl Melika´s blog´s B-Day
is finally up!
Check It Out Below.
Filmed and edited by yours truly.

New Song - Keith From Up Da Block "The Snow" (Get Low - Flo´Rida ft T-Pain Parody)

Keith from Up da Block has done it again!
His new song is called The Snow and is a parody of Flo´Rida´s & T-Pain´s
song Get Low.
If You´re a new reader you probably don´t know who Keith is, but if you´ve
bin a loyal follower you´ve probably read about him in my old blog.

I had to change blogs because on the old one people couldn´t comment
unless they where members, so that why this one was better.

Anyways here is the video and for more info and how you can buy Keith´s
song go to youtube by klicking below:

Kartellen Live @ DuVetInte´s B-Day Party

This is the exclusive images of Sebbe from Kartellen performing
@ the DuVetInte B-Day Party.
This images are filmed by me and is forbidden to anyone to use
without my permission.

The only ones in titled to claim this video are
And myself: SwagLikeThis Blog!!!!


Just Had To!

I just had to put up this song.
Rap in Portuguese by Dama Bete - Definição Do Amor

New Song - Advance Patrol "Perdoname"

Advance Patrol has released a new music video.
The song is titled "Perdoname" and means Forgive Me.
The funny thing is that none of the actual members
appear in the video.
The song is from their latest album "El Futuro" (The Future)
that you can download for free @ The Pirate Bay.

Directed By Roberto Duarte!
I think that where going to see a lot more from this guy!

Watch the video here below, it´s one of the best videos
made for A.P I´ve ever seen!


Tonight is mah home girl Melika´s party from the blog DuVetInte.
7 artists and 4 DJ´s for just 100 SEK, thats cheap as hell.
Make sure to write your name on event wall @ facebook by clicking below
to secure your place on the list:!/event.php?eid=267717806087&index=1

But Hurry Up! Because the list closes @ 18:00 SHARP!!!!

See Your There!

Yesterdays Party - Pato Pooh & Stor

Yesterdays party was off the HOOK!
Stor kicked off the show and was even better live than
he was in his mixtape "Nya Skolans Ledare".
And if it wasn´t enough with that, he had a surprise
guest with him too. Can you guess who?
It was Petter, a legend in sweden aswell as stor
is a legend in the making as well as Pato Pooh.

When it was Pato Pooh´s Turn.
The audience fraked out with his live version of the
song "Follow Me" and he had his boy Finess
to back him up all the way.
There was no way that this Show could get any better.

Here are some of the pics that I took from yesterday!

Im Finally Im @ STHLM CITY!

Yes Sir!
Im finally here, this was the first view I got from the city from the train.
Anyways Im chilling with my cousin right now but soon we´ll be heading
towards Fasching to Join Pato Pooh @ Stors Party with T.R.N.O.
I hope to see sum of you there.

News - Cypress Hill Are Coming Back!

The famous rap group Cypress Hill are coming back!
Their new album is called "Rise Up" and is coming
out on the 4th of June 2010.
The Music Video for the first single, "It Ain´t Nothin´",
will be out soon.
But you can already download the song @ their web-page below:

Anyways here you can see the promo for both the Album
and upcoming Music Video

New Song - Crome "Act Like A Leader" Ft. Pato Pooh & JW

Crome has released his Mixtape "The Devil Wears New Era"!
Here is one of his songs featuring JW and Mah Boi Pato Pooh.
Check it out below and download it for FREE @ any of this pages:


DuVetInte´s New Design + Finess´s New Hit!

Mah homegirl Melika (DuVetInte Blogg) has released her new design on her blog!
Its really sick and was really worth wating two months for.

And on top of that - Finess has released a new song titled the same as the blog!
I must admit that this song is crazy, its really easy to digg and it sticks to your mind.

Just check out the video below!

Attention Ladys In The World!

Ok, maby not the world just Sweden!
I´m looking for a girl that can sing for a upcoming proyect.
If your a Girl/Woman that knows how to sing, then you should
e-mail me @

There you will get more info and furthur explanations.
And don´t be afraid to ask your questions if you have any.

I would prefer if you lived in Gothenburg (Göteborg)
but if you have acces to a recording studio and live in another
city thats ok too.

This Weekend!

OK So This Is Whats Up This Weeken!
Friday I´m heading for Stockholm City to attend two great partys that are
going down. First there is mah home boi Pato Pooh´s party together with
P3 Gold winner Stor and the Royal Nelson Orchestra @ Fashing.

And on saturday Im heading to mah homegirl Melika´s (DuVetInte Blogg)
1 year anniversary party for her blog!
Both partys are gonna be crazy and I suggest That you dont miss it.

Big Names Will Be There, I will Be There - So Make Sure That You´ll Be There Too!

Exclusive Release - Parham P - Två Fingrar För Fred Remix

Mah home girl @ DuVetInte Blogg has released an exclusive remix of Parham P´s song,
"Två Fingrar För Fred" featuring Medina, 2 I Styrka, Kaanquest and Hermanos Bernal!

You can only download it @ her Blog so I sugest you do so and listen to one of the
best remixes I´ve heared in a long time!!!

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