New Talent - Akatsuki Crew

Akatsuki is a pretty Fresh group that startet on December 1:st 2009.
They try to gather all de kategories within the HipHop culture such as
Dancing, DJ´ing and Rap in one single group.
But I´m not going tell you that much of these guys because the thing is
that I´m actually going to interview the in my "Street Talk" segment.
And you are going to be able to see them perform live through Bambuser
ans also make your questions or comments to them in person.

Although we havent set a date for the interview yet it will proberbly be next week.

But don´t forget that this Sunday Interviewing Parham.

If you want to se Akatsuki´s past work or just wonder
"What the hell does Akatsuki mean?".
Then you can visit their website by clicking below.

Akatsuki´s Website

If you´ve already seen them live, tell me where, when and
what did you think about them?

New Music - G Punkten "Dom Diggar Min Stil"

I just had to put up this song!
What do you think About it?

New Music - Ken Ring & Tommy Tee "Helt Jävla Beng"

This shit is the SHIIIT!!!!!
Its one of the most powerfull songs in a long time if you ask me.
Watch this new Music Video released today.

You can even see my cousin Pato Pooh making an appereance.
Tell me what you think about it?

Don´t Forget - Parham @ Kontiki

Don´t forget that Parham is making an apperance @ Kontiki this Saturday!
And also this Sunday I will be interviewing him Live for all of you that
might want to hear his story and even make your questions to him.
I also know that he is working on some new material so you might get
a little sneak peak.
You can always watch my passed interviews by going into my bambuser account.

This is one of my favourite songs of Parham called "Två Fingrar För Fred"
in wich he is performing with another of my favourite artists "Kaanquest"

Interviews - Timbuktu "1997"

A friend found this old footage of timbuktu explaning the rising of HipHop.

News - Stor´s New Tunes

Check a sneak peak on Stor´s new shiit coming soon!

New Music - Lloyd Banks "Bomb First"

Some music to take your through the day!

New Music - I-Lo "Oskrivna Tankar"

So as I´ve told you in my old blog mah boy I-Lo had startet a blog.
He has since bin working with a mixtape and here you can get a
sneak peak by going into his blog clicking below.

Enter I-Lo´s Blog

Parham & V.I.C @ Kontiki

Don´t Miss This!
Parham & V.I.C Live @ Kontiki 1:st of May.
Parham is actually one of the artists I´ve bin talking to
about making a interview with in my new blog chapter called "Street Talk".
He is really a great artist and I recomend all of you to go and listen to him Live.
Here is a song made by him for the "The Real Deal" Mixtape made by SwedishHipHop

Art Work for Gatutalang

Gatutalang, who I interviewed on Sunday, saw on my private FaceBook account
that I´ve made some artworks for a few people.
Including the "Swedish HipHop Bloger" DuVetInte.
So he asked if I could make a logo for him.
But this dude is way to significant just to have a logo, so I made
him an entire promotional image.
What do you think about it?
I´ve also had an offer to make the cover of Conté´s upcoming Album.

New Music - Young De "Blaze of Glory"

News - Fuerza Chile Gala

If you live in Stockholm City you can´t miss this today!
The benefits from the concert will go to help the victim of
one of history´s biggest earthquakes that hit Chile.
In Gothenburg there where about 600 people attending to help
and now it´s Stockholms turn.
The poeple of Chile needs You!

News - R.I.P Guru

The great artist Guru has past away yesterday after over a whole year
of fighting with Cancer.
Before he died he wrote a letter to his fans, family and even a part
dedicated to his former DJ.

When I read this letter I couldn´t help but to think that it had bin tampered
with by someone.
I´m not saying that Guru didn´s write that letter, I´m just saying that
it seems like somone has either added words or removed som parts of the
original letter.

I tought that I was the only one that thought about that but now I
see that I´m not alone on that suspicion.

If you want to read the letter you can do so by clicking below.
Guru´s Letter.

What do you think?
Is the letter tampered with?

Guru - On the behalf of myself and the SwagLikeThis Blog,
I send your family and true friends my condolences!

New Blog Chapter - Street Talk

Since my last LIVE interview was kind of successful,
I decided to keep on doing this and I am calling that
part of the blog "Street Talk".
For you who missed it, it goes down like this.

You go in to the link to my Bambuser Account.
There you will be able to se both old clips and if I´m
interviewing someone at the moment it will say "Live".

When I´m Live you can see the interview and right next
to the video there is a "chat box".
Everyone can write in the chat, even if you are not a member.

This chat is so that you can make your questions Live
to the artist that Im interviewing.
And you will get answers right away.

Last Sunday I had an interview with Gatutalang, Bob Village,
Nato and N.M.E.
We where sending LIVE while walking through the streets of
Gothenburg City.
If you missed that interview you can see it by clicking below.
Street Talk #1 - Gatutalang, Bob Village, Nato, N.M.E

I´ve also already talked to another artist to interview
and if you whant to know who it is you will just have to keep
yourself updated here on the blog.

Have a nice day!

New Talent - Lydia Paek "OMG Cover"

Ok, so this girl might not be a new talent but I know that
there aren´t that many people here in Sweden that know
about her mad singing talent.
And surprisingly enough she isn´t signed to any label.
Anyways I recomend that you follow her on her Youtube
channel by clicking here.

New Music - Medina "Go Girl"

New song by Medina - Go Girl

The Day of Yesterday

So yesterday you could see me Live with Gatutalang & Co and N.M.E.
We had a BLAST just walking around in the streets of Gothen City
and dropping some bars to you guys.
I seriously believe in these guys and I will always support every single
one of them 110% alla the way.
I´ve already given a sneak peak on N.M.E so now I´m going to give
you a sneak peak on mah boy Gatutalang who is releasing a
5 track EP very soon and YES you will be able to find it here.

What do you think about this?

Street Talk

Want to know what I´ve bin up to today?
Then check out the video below (Swäidish Only)

New Music - N.M.E "Will We"

N.M.E is a friend of mine that I have mentioned before in
in my old blog. (SwagLikeThis.Ning.Com)
He is about to release a new Mixtape and has released a
sneak peak that you can listen to by clicking HERE.

He is also coming to Gothenburg to visit and has told me that
he wanted to hang out while he is here.
So I decided to document his visit and show all of you a little
about him and what he has to say about his own and others music.

I might make it into a series of videos depending on how much
material I manage to record.

Anyways I think that this guy is one of those who is going to make
a name for himself.

Whats your opinion?

New Music - Sam E ft. Allyawan "Dont Worry Be Happy" (Remix)

I usually dont´t like remakes of songs but I have to admit that these
guys did a good job with this one.
This song was supposed to be on the Shubre Express Mixtape
but got put aside.

I´m sorry for not updated anything for two months but as you
who read my blog already knew I was having doubts about
even continuing bloging.
But I´m back again and I hope that you can forgive this little
period of silence.

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