New Talent - Raptor "Schack Matt"

This guy asked me to listen to his song and my personal opinion
is that this song is far from being a good song.
But his style is descent if you ask me.

New Talent - Akatsuki Crew

Akatsuki is a pretty Fresh group that startet on December 1:st 2009.
They try to gather all de kategories within the HipHop culture such as
Dancing, DJ´ing and Rap in one single group.
But I´m not going tell you that much of these guys because the thing is
that I´m actually going to interview the in my "Street Talk" segment.
And you are going to be able to see them perform live through Bambuser
ans also make your questions or comments to them in person.

Although we havent set a date for the interview yet it will proberbly be next week.

But don´t forget that this Sunday Interviewing Parham.

If you want to se Akatsuki´s past work or just wonder
"What the hell does Akatsuki mean?".
Then you can visit their website by clicking below.

Akatsuki´s Website

If you´ve already seen them live, tell me where, when and
what did you think about them?

New Talent - Lydia Paek "OMG Cover"

Ok, so this girl might not be a new talent but I know that
there aren´t that many people here in Sweden that know
about her mad singing talent.
And surprisingly enough she isn´t signed to any label.
Anyways I recomend that you follow her on her Youtube
channel by clicking here.

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