SwagLikeThis TV - Parham & Vic at Stars n Bars!

Yesterday I was at Stars n Bars checking out Parham and Vic´s
show, the place was nice but sadly enough the sound sucked.
The club doesn´t have a very good audio system so that´s
why my audio in the video sucks too.

But still the show it self was a killer.
Big Up to Parham and Vic.

SwagLikeThis TV - 2 i Styrka VS Shazaam!

Here it is! I can see by the statistics on my blog
that some of you have been waiting eagerly for it.

Thanks to John Lemon for sharing his video angle with me.

SwagLikeThis TV - Ken Ring and DJ 2MUCH!

It is finally here!
I´m sorry it took me so long but I have never edited so much video footage before
and first my computer ran out of memory and then the charger died.
I felt like everything was going against me, but now I am glad that
it is finally done.
I don´t know if I should upload the full show with Ken Ring and Allyawan,
because that audio has such a bad sound.
I didn´t have my external recording microphone that day, what do
you think? Should I upload it anyways?
Although it is 30 minutes long, but I guess that I could put it up
as a LIVE-Concert special.

Anyways I know that you´ve been waiting for it so just click below.

SwagLikeThis TV - Stor & Medina Live!

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