New Blog Chapter - Street Talk

Since my last LIVE interview was kind of successful,
I decided to keep on doing this and I am calling that
part of the blog "Street Talk".
For you who missed it, it goes down like this.

You go in to the link to my Bambuser Account.
There you will be able to se both old clips and if I´m
interviewing someone at the moment it will say "Live".

When I´m Live you can see the interview and right next
to the video there is a "chat box".
Everyone can write in the chat, even if you are not a member.

This chat is so that you can make your questions Live
to the artist that Im interviewing.
And you will get answers right away.

Last Sunday I had an interview with Gatutalang, Bob Village,
Nato and N.M.E.
We where sending LIVE while walking through the streets of
Gothenburg City.
If you missed that interview you can see it by clicking below.
Street Talk #1 - Gatutalang, Bob Village, Nato, N.M.E

I´ve also already talked to another artist to interview
and if you whant to know who it is you will just have to keep
yourself updated here on the blog.

Have a nice day!


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