Sneak Peak - The New Blog Design!

Here is a tiiiiiny preview of what the new header looks like.

I´m working on full speed with the new design and I am finally
done with the main page, but I´ve still got a lot of work ahead.
It is hard to redesign the whole blog because I have to think
really hard on not trying to make something that someone else
already has, because some poeple love to compare me to another
bloger and say that I steal ideas from there.

Some details are pretty new and some are basic stuff that all
blogers have, but This is what will represent my blog from now on.
The release date was set to July 12:th because I wasn´t sure that
I would be able to finish it all before that day.
But it seems that I might release the new design even earlier, we´ll
have to see what I feel for.

Postat av: Du Vet Inte


2010-07-02 @ 15:51:05

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