Welcome to the New SwagLikeThis!

Hi, welcome to SwagLikeThis!
As you may have noticed the blog has bin shut down for
a few days due to the reconstruction of the design.
There is a new member that you can see in the "Our Blogers"
window right under the menu bar.

Her name is Michelle and she will be taking care of everyhting
that has to do with HipHop fashion and looks.
And you can visit her blog by clicking on her picture in the
"Our Blogers" section above.

I have decided to make a seperate blog for my post´s
as well wich you can also find in the "Our Blogers" section.

This means that what used to be the SwagLikeThis Blog is
now the main page for both our blogs.
The reason for doing this is because we will have one or two
more blogers joining us and we will all have seperate themes.
But don´t worry, you dont have to go in to every single blog
to read whats going on in them.
Everything that every bloger writes will end up here anyways
so that you can get a full view of whats new.

We hope you will enjoy the new SwagLikeThis!


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