Did You Know?

Did you know that before I started bloging
I had my own show at a hispanic radio station?
I played latin music and made interviews
with DJ Lucutz from Advance Patrol,
DJ Blass (Puerto Rico) and the founders of
the at that time famous Vice City Club.

Now I also work as a Urban Culture reporter
for a spanish speaking online news paper.
So before I even was a bloger I was actually
a journalist but it hasn´t been untill now that
I´ve startet doing more noticeable interviews.

Tomorrow I´m interviewing a friend of both
me and ENC, I´m talking about Rigo of course.
I got to know Rigo through ENC that had invited
me to make a cameo on one of theyr music videos.
The video song was called Baby and this video
was actually shot in a basement laundry room.


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