New Music - "DJ 2MUCH" DRGNET BLVD Mixtape!

DJ 2Much woke me up yesterday to tell me that he saw the
full version of the Ken Ring & DJ 2Much video.
And told me that my English was bad as hell hehe.

But he also told me to check out his new mixtape that
he has worked on toghether with:
Davidsdot, Roasta, SP 1200, JP Morg, Arsenik, Stev o, Count V and Ice Bezzy.

I have to say that this tape is one of my favorites right now
and Davidsdot is an artist that I will be following from now on.
There where some parts I didn´t like musically, but the vocal
parts can´t be complained anywhere if you ask me.

I seriously recommend you to at least download it and give it a try,
allthough I don´t think that most of you would consider it
something you would listen to everyday like I will from now on.

But then again I know that there are some of you that will
play this `till your speakers blow up.

Download it here
tell me what you thought?


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