From Now On, No Fake´s!

I´m not going to pretend like I never get angry,
fuck it I´m human and this is what I have to say!

What I do, I do because I love it.
I do not win any money doing this or for making
all the interviews that I have done.
Seriously is everything about money now a days?
What happened with the love for the passion?

As soon as you start getting paid for what you love and
you make royalty your only goal, it stops being a passion
and starts becoming a work.
Once it is a work, you stop loving it.

I´m glad I had the luck to meet a couple of people that
have the same interest as me and not on money.
And what happened to call a brother up just to check
how he is now a days?
I might call you up once or twice if I see you as my friend.
But after that fuck you!
Just because you see me making interviews with artists you
suppose that I´m rich to call you all the time?

But Hey!
I´m still going to be nice and make a free event for all my
readers, friends and so called friends.

Soon I will be making a party that´s free and out-doors.
What do I gain? Not a shit!

Just the satisfaction of trying to show you hip hop in it´s
true nature. Where artists perform live and just for the love.
Where you can get so close to some of your favorite artists
that you will be able to see the sweat fall from theyr forehead
from how hard they will be rocking the mic!

I will update you guys later with names and place etc.

Just whant to give a big ShoutOut to:

Gatutalang that will be back on wednesday.
and as soon as he does we will be rocking this city so hard
that the ground we walk on will have our footprints on it.

VIC for being a true hip hop visionary and for supporting
true hip hop to the edge.

DJ 2MUCH for all the love he has shown.

If i have missed someone? haha prove me wrong then :p


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