Problems and More Problems!

Well I finally bought the external memory disc
for my computer so that I could edit all the video´s.
And what happens then? My Mac charger stop´s working.
So today I am going to get a new one, hopefully the
warranty still is in use and I can get it for free.

And another thing.
I wasn´t able to make an interview with Rigo on saturday
because something happened before we where going
to do it and I didn´t whant to pressure him because
of the circumstances.
But we agreed on making it another time and he at least
gave me a ShoutOut that you can find on the right of the blog.

Don´t forget that this saturday is one of the biggest rap battles
in Swedish history taking place.
Yes I´m talking about the "2 i Styrka" VS "Shazaam" battle.
You can read all about it in the previous post I made.

Make sure to tell all your friends and everyone in your
cell-phone book, facebook, twitter .. I mean EVERYONE!


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