The Ken Ring & 2Much Video - Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will release the whole Ken Ring and DJ 2Much
video if 2Much gives me his approval.
The video is 26 minutes long, so it is a whole lot of footage
and material that you will take part of.
I will how ever not release the complete show with Ken Ring,
DJ 2Much and Allyawan for now.
I will release the 40 minutes long show after a lot of audio
mixing because I didn´t have my microfon recorder and
the sound is crap.
But I have been asked to film them when ever I whant when
ever they are in Gothenburg.
So I don´t know if I should release this one with crappy sound
or just wait until I can film with them again and with better audio.

Right now I´m listening to the trial Ken Ring had where he is accused
for beating a media employee.

You can download and listen to it @ his blog:
Ken Ring´s Blog


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