What Makes Me Loco!

As I´ve told you before I´ve bin working as a DJ for a long
time now and ther is one thing that angers me.
When I was actually dedicating all my time to being a DJ,
I had to work like a beast and for a salary to starv on.

Now when I´ve decided not to concentrate on that area
poeple call me now and then and whant to pay me good
money for me to play in different places of the country.

What angers me a little more is that I know that I am
better than some of the DJ´s that are frequently playing
at some of the biggest clubs in Gothenburg.

Now you might think that I am just talking shit and that
I´m one of those who thinks to much of him self.
But one of these "Big Named" DJ´s actually had to get
fired from one club because the owner wanted to give
the job to me after he and I had a back to back show.

But now I actually don´t care that much because last
year I was on a tour in Peru and now on July I am going
on a Europe tour, that´s more than even half of them will
ever get to do as professional DJ´s.


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