The Reveal of My Artists!

So as you might guess from the foto.
Gatutalang asked me during our inteview last tuesday to
be his manager.
The question came out of the blue and was a big surprise
to me because being a manager shows the trust he has in me.

But let me tell you what big plans we have for this talented
up and coming rapper from Gothen City!
This June we are going to be recording a street video with
the first single from his mixtape that will be released soon!
The video will show all sides of Gothenburg City, some of
GBG´s best rappers will be appearing as well.

If you whant to be on the video or contribute with something,
I will soon tell you what kind of people we need or what things!

Secong of all!
Gatutalang and I will be starting a new Vlog together where
we show you the regular day of several of Gothenburgs rappers.
Two or three times a week we are going to head out to the
streets and meet up with well known artists and film it.

And this is just the tip of the Iceberg!
We have a lot more to reveal but we will let you know when it is
time for those proyects.

So I recommend you to check out Gatutalangs Blog here below:
Gatutalang - El Talento


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