Upcoming Interview With DJ 2MUCH!

What many people forget in HipHop Blogs is that HipHop
is a culture and not just a music genre.
Wich means that there are many different ways of expressing
yourself in the HipHop lifestyle.

HipHop is NOT just rappers!
So that´s why I interview HipHop artists from all aspects within
this culture.
That means rappers, dancers, DJ´s, graffiti artists etc.

Now for the 6:th of june I am going to interview one of my
favorite DJ´s and its no one else than DJ 2MUCH!
And not just that.
If we are lucky I might even make an interview with one of
Swedish HipHop´s Godfather´s.
The rapper known as Ken Ring!

So there you have another reason to keep reading my blog.
Climbing every day!


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