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New Music - Zaturno ft. Pato Pooh & Ricky "Tu Cariño Se Me Va"

These three artists have managed to break new grounds again
with this breath taking track called "Tu Cariño Se Me Va".
This practically all spanish song tells the story of how it feels
and thoughts that you have when someone you truly love is gone.

Zaturno is a highly respected rapper from Chile, Pato Pooh and
Ricky are working as a duo not as single artists.
And let me point out that this is the best song in my opinion
that Pato and Ricky have made together as a team.

By the way Pato Pooh is in Chile right now on a promotion tour
that his over seas fans in the old country have been demanding.

I give my standing ovations to everybody involved in this proyect
everything from the beat, the video, the lyrics and the final product.
I have to say that this is one of the most well made tracks/music videos
in a looong time and that actually has a red thread all the way.

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