New Music - Allyawan "Puppet Master" [prod. Main I.N.G]

My boy Allyawan has released this son from
his upcoming mixtape called iChronicles 1.0.
I also found out that my cousin Pablo Paz,
brother to Pato Pooh, has produced beats for
Allyawan from which 2-3 are used in the mixtape.

As my faithfull readers know, Allyawan has given
me the chanse to film his street video.
And I´m still working on it.
I´ve never worked on a video this complicated before
with so many different scenes and cuts, so I´ve had
to figure out som glitches but it will be finished very soon.

Anyways Allyawan is the future for HipHop in the Swedish
west coast and I really believe in him and his music.


I´ve noticed that I don´t have that much time
anymore to blog everyday and update!
I really want to grab this situation and focus
on this page.
But I have to do so much.

I have children, I study, I work and also need my
own time to relax.
I was thinking of including all of this, except for my
children, in the blog since it all can be included within
the HipHop culture.
But then it wouldn´t be a HipHop blog,
it would be more of a personal blog.

So I´m considering including a new blogger that
has more time to spare and knows a lot of
what´s going on in the HipHop scenes.
Or maby one of you would like to work with "S.L.T"?

Nothing is decided yet, But we´ll see.

New Camera

I bought a new camera yesterday and I can
honestly say that I´m happy with it.
I bought it because I´ve started to put higher
standards on myself as a cameraman and
on  the equipment that I use.

I will be filming my good friend ENC´s video
with this camera and I´m sure that it will
be amazing.

New Music - Parham & Rodde Bernal "Guldregeln"

New Song - Petter "U & Me"

Todays Summary!

I´ve just finished a new tattoo today, it is a
symbol from the Chinese Zodiac which means Horse.

I know it´s been a while since I gave you some music
news so now I have at least one.
A House Instrumental that I made has been uploaded
to DJ L´Flow´s web page and is available for download.
You can find it at the bottom left of the main page
under the title "Kaye - Charango House Beat".

Go to DJ L´Flow´s Page by clicking HERE!

The Tattoo Session!

You who have me in Facebook know

that I´ve planned on stream Live shows

of me when I´m Tattooing.

So here is the session from earlier today

when I tattooed my brother.


And here is the final result.


This is still a work in progress we have some

ideas that we will add to this tattoo gradually.

New Day, New Opportunities!

I´m going to tattoo my big brother today
and another friend later on.
My brother gave me free hands to do whatever
I feel he might like.

Here is a rough sketch of what I´m thinking
of doing on him.

He is a DJ and he likes skull tattoo´s so I thought
this would be something he would aprove of.
If he accepts this will be the first tattoo I make
that is my own design.

New Segment - Tattoo´s!

I´ve decided to include tattoo´s to my blog
since it now is a part of my life and I consider
it as a part of HipHop culture as well.

Here below are some pictures of the first
tattoo´s I´ve made.

I made the last one on myself and believe me,
It hurt big time.
So that is why it´s made so sloppy, I just wanted
to finish it as fast as possible.

New Song - Parham & VIC "Solen Skiner"!

Two of Gothenburg´s greatest rappers in my opinion
have just released a new music video together.
The song is called "Solen Skiner" which translated into
English is "The Sun Shines".
So here you have and Enjoy!


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