SwagLikeThis TV - "Hur E Läget Brorsan" (B.T.S)

It´s finally here!
The behind the scenes from the last video shooting day
for the "Hur E Läget Brorsan" music video is up.

Don´t forget to visit WWW.BROSHAN.COM!

Pictures from the "Hur E Läget Broshan" Video Shoot!

Upcoming Behind The Scenes - "Hur E Läget Broshan"

Yesterday Sam "Broshan" Alfaro invited me to film
behind the scenes of his upcoming video for the
track "Hur E Läget Broshan".
The song is one of the tracks that will be included in
his still in progress album "Svensk Blatte".

When I arrived at the filming location he was standing
next to Ivo, practically a legend within HipHop in GBG.
Who is also starring in the video.

What I like with this video is that it has a red thread
going through it and a storyline that many people can relate to.
The behind the scenes video will hopefully be up
this week, if everything goes as planned.

Don´t forget to visit www.broshan.com for more on his music


Friday 26:th of November, Gothenburg has the
opportunity to have as guest, no one less than
Swedish Grammy Nominee PATO POOH!!!

And our local teen group 3D Boys will be the warm up act.

This show is exclusive for members of the youth center
1200 Kvadrat and to members of Sentimiento Latino.
The membership at Sentimiento Latino only costs 50 kr
for teens and is valid as a free entrance to all future
events for a whole year.

Interested in a membership?
Just take contact with Sentimiento Latino for more info:

Phones. Rosa 0735123085

or straight to me. 0761686315

And your more than welcome to sign up for the event on Facebook

Music Video Premiere - Allyawan ft. Hazardous Hab "Let´s Fly"

Another video from the newly release iChronicles 1.0
is released.
This time it´s the track "Let´s Fly" and it´s a kind
of different video, but I really liked it.
And I´m sure you will too.

Walking in the middle of the night with snow everywhere
and a torch in your hand.
This video has everything you don´t expect a HipHop video
to have, and yet it all just float together seamlessly.

Big up to my Boy Allyawan and to the one called Hab!

New Music - Parham & VIC "En Sista Gång" ft. Miss Relli (Prod. SirDizzle)!

It´s been a long time since I heared truly soulful
hiphop comming from any Swedish artist.
This track will definitely be played on my speakers
over and over again!

"Parham & VIC sover aldrig. Deras andra officiella singel gästas av det uppkommande
dancehall-stjärnskottet Miss Relli. Dem som redan hört låten spelas ute på klubben
vet vad det handlar om, en kärlekslåt som får både känslor och kroppar att röra sig.

Parham & VIC's streetalbum "Mer än ord/Till motsatsen bevisas" släpps på Söndagen
den 5:e December. Fram till dess, lär känna killarna bättre genom att besöka deras
bloggplattform www.parhamvic.com som slår upp dörrarna nu på
Söndag den 21:e November."

SwagLikeThis TV - "iChronicles 1.0" Release Party! (Part 2)

Here you have, Part Two of the official iChronicles Release Party.

New Music - Parham & VIC "Galen"

SwagLikeThis TV - "iChronicles 1.0" Release Party! (Part 1)

Here is the first part of Allyawans release party for
the "iChronicles 1.0" Mixtape.
Part two will be coming up in the days to come with
Hermanos Bernal ft. Camaleon Landaez, Rico Won and
Alibi from "Medina".
So keep yourself posted.

Last Nights Event!

Allyawan´s release party was one of the sickest experiences
I´ve had since I got to stand on stage with him and Ken Ring.
He started Hard and kept it like that through out the whole Show!
And of course I filmed the whole performance with invited artists
like: Alibi, Hermanos Bernal, Camaleon Landaez, Rico Won, Sick Art,
Parham & VIC and more.

Im still editing the video but I will put it up as soon as possible.

New Music - Leontin feat. Castor P & Ivo "Bränn en"

Behind The Scenes - Bränn En (STREET VIDEO)

My Boy Sam "Broshan" Alfaro gave me a sneak peak on
this upcoming street video called "Bränn En".
Performing on this track are Castor P and Ivo,
behing the production of the beat stands Leontin.

Both the video and the track are well made to my opinion.

The video is still not up for release so meanwhile you
can check out this behind the scenes video.

TONIGHT! (Official Release Party for iChronicles 1.0)

Do not miss the official release party for the iChronicles
mixtape that you can download here: www.allyawan.com.
If rumors are right, there will be a crazy show with both
up coming and living legends within Swedish hip hop.
And of course I will be there as well to film and take pic´s.

And if you´re like me and don´t have cash, don´t worry.
If you get there before 22:00 you get in for free.
Do not dare to miss out, see you there!

Allyawan - iChronicles 1.0!!

iChronicles 1.0 is finally out!
What can I say about this work?

Lets start with the cover.
I will have to give my sincerest respects to
Hazardous Hab for the art work.
As an art creator I know that this style is hard
to pull of even if you are an experienced artist.
But I think that even the people who know very little
about art works can see that he has spent a lot of time
figuring out every little detail.

In the creations of the beats we have many talented
people that get way to little cred for their work.
But I can see a much brighter future for them
from now on.

Now let´s comment on the main subject, the rapper.

I can honestly say that Allyawan has left me with my
mouth hitting the ground of surprise.
And with that said I think that we all can agree on
that he has taken the Swedish game to a new level.
Allyawan represents even harder than most of the
Swedish East Coast rappers that I´ve heared.

The Swedish West has been waiting a long time for
some one to represent them and being the frontal
character within the game.
And I think that person has finaly arrived.

You can question me and critisize all you want.
But I know that coming friday, I´m not the
only one that´s going to shout "KING WAN"!

Download it at:

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