Trip to Jönköping - Video!

Here is the video footage from the trip to Jönköping!
The video shows parts from our trip and in between
the interviews I made with the guys from Bunkern.
I had to interview the guys very briefly because we
had to head back to Gothenburg.
It feels like I will have to pay them another visit any
giving time soon.

One of the members called "Fox" was missing this day
but we still had a good time and I got to hear theyr

There was so much material that we filmed that I
didn´t put in this video because it would be too long.
But I will make a new Video soon with all the out-takes

You will see 2 i Styrka talk about what he saw that scared him.
Follow us on our hunt for a lighter in Jönköping.
And some bloopers.

Picture´s From Jönköping!

While I´m editing the video footage from
my trip to Jönköping, here are some pic´s.

Road Trip #2!

Today I´m off on a road trip again, but this time I´m
heading to Jönköping to meet the guys from Bunkern.
I´m going together with Gatutalang and Allyawan to both
interview the Bunkern guys and to record with Gatutalang.

I´m thinking of broadcasting the trip and some of our time
in Jönköping Live through Bambuser so that you can follow us.

Remember that you will only find exclusive releases from Gatutalang
here @ the SwagLikeThis Blog unless we decide to give another
person the exclusives.

Trip to Pucallpa!

Februari 2009 I made a trip to Pucallpa in the Peruvian
Amazon forest.
Here is a short video that I had forgotten about
where you can see me trying alligator meat
and how some of the poeple there live.

Backing Up Pato Pooh!

Yesterday was the Club Revolution event to support
Palestine and Pato Pooh was there to perform.
The thing was that he didn´t have a DJ with him
so he asked me if I could spin the records for him.

I usually hate to improvise shows but it whent
really good and it was fun to finally DJ for him.
Anyways I´m going to put up a video of it soon,
untill then here is a little shout out from Pato.

On My Speakers!

Happy B-Day x 2!

Before this day ends I would just like congratulate
two people that have meant alot to me, one of them
in the past and one in the present.

The first one is a guy whos family practically raised
me since I was 12 years old.
Louie, I am forever thankful for have met you and hope
that this day has bin as great as all your other bithdays
that we have spent together.
Sorry that I couldn´t be there for you this year.

Me and Louie with DJ Blass!

The second one is Melika, the bloger from DuVetInte
whom always is there to give me advices.
I´ve always supported her in her actions and I
probably always will.


Happy B-Day to both of you and may all your wishes come true!

New Music - Hermanos Bernal ft. Camaleon Landaez

Check out this new sick track from Hermanos Bernal
and  Camaleon Landaez called "El Que Sae, Sae".
If you ask me this is one of theyr sickest songs since
they released theyr album "Directo De Suecia".
Except for "Ambiente Caliente" ft Allyawan.

My Next Interview!

Lately one name keeps popping up on my computer screen
time and time again with continous frequency.
And that name is BROSHAN!
Where ever I go on the internet I´m seeing his name again
and again, even on pages I´ve never visited before.
My curiosity drove me to start searching for who exactly
this guy calling himself Broshan was.

I found out that this guy is a rapper that I´ve heared before
but never really put an interest in untill now.
I was wondering why this persons name started showing
up in every little corner of my web world.

I found out that there was to reasons for it.

Number One:
Several of his personal and FaceBook friends are also people
that I know both in real life and through the web.

Number Two:
He is releasing a new album this year.

So I searched him up and asked him for an interview
to whom he gladely accepted immediately.

And apparently he had read my blog before, it´s nice to know
that almost everyone I talk to has read my blog at some time.

Biggest Freestyle Fail - Drake

Yesterday Ametist put up a video of a guy freestyling and
and practically dissing himself.
So today I found this video of Drake "trying" to freestyle.
He has bin criticized for supposedly bin reading of his
blackberry his lines on another radio show.
I guess that he was trying to prove everyone wrong
and failed big time.

Apparently even Affion Crocket thought this was a big fail.

Review - Dr@gnet BLVD Mixtape!

Two weeks ago I put up the Dr@gnet BLVD mixtape.


The Mixtape itself is one of the better one´s I have heard.
It has its up´s and down´s but it has a great mixture
of heavy beats and big lines that compensate for it.

Track after track I get cought when I listen because
there is such a variety of styles and melodies and as
a musician it attracts my ears.

Several of the beats have tiny little details  that cought
my interest, it could be something like a key that´s
a little off tune or a cut in a melody.

So if you´re a detail freak like me you will enjoy
listening to all the 27 tracks wich you can download
at DJ 2MUCH´s Blog Page.

Good Rainy Morning!

New Blog, New Day, A Brand New Beginning!
So let´s start of the day with some Fresh Music.

Hovstaterna ft. Parham - Ubahn, Shelta, Cali

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