What I´ve Been Up To!

I´m a hyperactive guy, I can´t sitt still for shit.
So now I´ve started working with two new
proyects that I think I will keep on doing.

The first is filming music videos, I´m working
on Allyawans video now and have another one
coming with my good friend ENC.

And the secong thing I have started to do are
Here below is a picture of my equipment and
a tattoo I did earlyer today.

The tattoo is not done here but you get the idea.

New Song - Finess ft. Sam E & Sephide

Finess is a person that I have mentioned before
on my blog about his upcoming mixtape.
The mixtape titled "Välkomna Mig" has been
delayed time after time and usually I would
lose interest in an artist by now.
But Finess keeps on hooking me in with the
singles he releases from the mixtape.

The title of his new single called "Karussell"
reminds me of an old classic salsa song that
speaks of the same thing but in spanish.
So I know that a lot of people who have heared
that song will also like this one.

Also spittin´ on the "mic" are Sam-E from Medina
and the singer Sephide who is making her self
a big name within the Swedish HipHop music.

For more info and how to download the song
you can click on the link below.


And don´t forget to look up my favourite HipHop
Blog in Swedish - DuVetInte!
Driven by my good friend Melika.

Sneak Peak - Svensk Blatte (Album)

Sam "Broshan" Alfaro just sent me a link
without saying "Hi" or any explenations.
It turnes out that the link goes to downloading
a series of snippet samples from his upcoming
album "Svensk Blatte".

Click on the link below to download it as well!

Snippet - Svensk Blatte

New Music - Various Artists "Nos Tienen Miedo Dos"

3.2.6 Latino Present "Nos Tienen Miedo Dos" Feat Cuban Link, PoeRilla,
Zaturno, K.Sikario, MelyMel, Pato Pooh, Reychesta, El Pope, Temperamento,
Eddy El Ness,Produced By The Salazar Brothers.

Gatutalang Get´s a Tattoo!

I know I was supposed to release this yesterday
but I couldn´t find the file.
So here is as promised a never before seen video from
Gatutalang when he whent and got his tattoo.

WANTED!! Reggae Singer!

Sam "Broshan" Alfaro is searching for a reggae
singer to record a new track.
But you will have to sing in Swedish.

For more info go into his page and contact him!


Whats Up?

Yeah I know that some of you have been wondering what
has been going on and why I haven´t updated lately.
The thing is that I´ve been taking a little time for a little vacation.
School starts again and I haven´t really taken time to
enjoy this summer so that´s why I´ve been lazy.
Anyhow, I´ve got some things to tell you of what´s coming.

I´ve got an interview coming within the next weeks with
Kaanquest, a rapper that has set his mark in my music list.
You should really check him out on youtube, he has some
really good songs.
I first met him on the DuVetInte Blog 2 year anniversary party
where he perfomed together with Parham.

I have also been asked by Allyawan to make his next
street video next week.
Wich song and more info will remain a little secret for now.

And I also have a video that I will make for my good friend
N.M.E in about three weeks.
For you who don´t know N.M.E got his name from me
and he also appeared in DuVetInte´s blog in a song he
made together with Änglalik recently.

Tomorrow I will release a never before seen video from
the lost "Gatutalang Series" files.
I haven´t decided wich one exactly, but you´ll see tomorrow.

Here a leave you with a new artist to me from the states

SwagLikeThis TV - Rigo ft TeddyBears! LIVE

This is a video from Thursday when I saw Rigo
perform Live with TeddyBears.

Ryan Leslie!

I started listening to Ryan Leslie almost a year
before he became famous in Sweden.
And this guy still keeps amazing me with his
way of work and ability to come up with melodies.

Interview - Sam "Broshan" Alfaro!

Last weekend I made an interview with one of
the finalists in the GP Scen contest.
Sam " Broshan" Alfaro!

Broshan & 2 Världar - Live!

Later Today I´m Releasing the video interview
with Sam "Broshan" Alfaro.
But untill then here you have a video footage
from a show he did together with 2 Världar.

DJ´ing For Pato Pooh!

Here is the video from when I had to stand in
as Pato Pooh´s DJ on a show in Gothenburg.

This was an improvised show so don´t expect
the show of your lives.

So Busy!

I know I haven´t been writing very frequently lately
but I´ve bin traveling all over the country and also to
Oslo in Norway.
Since I´ve bin gone I haven´t had any time to make
interviews or other work on the blog.
So for now I leave you with this song from a friend of
mine called El Axel from Norway.

The Game - Brake Lights MXTP!

The Game together With DJ Skee have decided to
release the Brake Lights Mixtape to celebrate
The Game´s release of The Red Room Album.

You can download it FOR FREE by clicking Here!

Here is a small snippet from the Mixtape.

Trip to Jönköping - Out Takes!

Here are some of the parts that didn´t make it
to the official video from the trip to Jönköping.
But I thought that you still would enjoy to watch it.

Flame - Show Stopper!

Flame just released this song called show stopper.

This video footage includes some friends of mine
that I consider as great dancers.

New Doo!

I went down to "Anno Domini" where Michelle works
cutting hair to get a new hair cut myself.
I have to say that she did an amazing job on both
Gatutalang and me, I had to start rocking the mohawk again.

You will see some pictures soon on Michelles own blog.

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