The Tattoo Session!

You who have me in Facebook know

that I´ve planned on stream Live shows

of me when I´m Tattooing.

So here is the session from earlier today

when I tattooed my brother.


And here is the final result.


This is still a work in progress we have some

ideas that we will add to this tattoo gradually.

New Segment - Tattoo´s!

I´ve decided to include tattoo´s to my blog
since it now is a part of my life and I consider
it as a part of HipHop culture as well.

Here below are some pictures of the first
tattoo´s I´ve made.

I made the last one on myself and believe me,
It hurt big time.
So that is why it´s made so sloppy, I just wanted
to finish it as fast as possible.

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