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New Mixtape - Allyawan "Stormen Före Lugnet"!


Allyawan just released his tape translated to "The Storm Before the Calm".

The tracks are in Swedish which is unusual because he normaly raps

in English for most of the time.

Joining him on this tape are Bigry Mac, J. Banner. and the two members

from the group Medina and the tracks are produced by Durimkid,

Main I.N.G, Kiano, Hurricane, Pursuit Sound, K.J., Toba Beats & LIAH.


I recommend that you download it right here: Allyawan.COM

Oh Yeah and don´t forget ... Spread That SHIT!!!!!!

New Music Video - Adoo ft. Allyawan & Lil´ Star "Fuck Polisen"

In the 8th of february I put up this track and told you that there
was a music video being recorded. Well, that video is out now!

In my opinion this video isn´t good at all. There´s nothing special
with it, there is no detail that makes it rememberable.
HOWEVER! This isn´t a theme where the video is suppoed to be
full of special effects.
This video is about the music and the message - Fuck The POLICE!
The track is sick and that´s all that matters because it tells the story
of somethign that happens every god damn day all over the world.
And considering how fast the video was made, it is a deasant video.

New Music!!!!

There has been a lot of songs released on both sunday and monday
in the honor of valentines day, but not all of them.

#1. Broshan & Deuce ft. Sarmed - Krigare 2 (Prod. Pappi)

#2. Pato Pooh - Kill Cupid (Prod. Pablo Paz, Co. Prod. Gameboii)

#3. Allyawan - Marionettmästaren (Prod. Main I.N.G)

#4. Aycash ft. Ricky - Te Tengo A Ti (Prod. Leontin)

Aycash - Te Tengo a Ti ft Ricky by Aycash

Interesting Act? "Cold Morris"

Cold morris is an big band group that performs a mixture of HipHop/Funk
Live on stage with a Live band as you could have guessed allready.
I think there should be more bands like this so people get what they
pay for when they go to the shows.
Sometimes just seeing one or two people perform on stage isn´t enough
to entertain an audience that expects the best.
These guy´s do a pretty good job and I think that they should be more
noticed, allthough they seem to need a little more experience.

Meta Four ft. Rico Won - Spraycans!

Gothenburg seems to be spittin on the mic non stop and droppin track after track.
Meta Four is a rapper that I didn´t really appreceate untill he started recording
solo track´s apart from his usual rapping with the crew Killah Clowns.
With him on this track is Rico Won whom after putting the mic away for a couple of
years has decided to make a comeback during Allyawan´s "iChronicles" release party
and is now hitting the recording booth hard and frequently.

Adoo ft. Allyawan & Lil´Star - Fuck Polisen

This track was released a couple of days ago, it´s the rapper Adoo together
with Lil´Star and one of the most talented rappers in my opinion Allyawan.
A music video is in the making for this track and it´s being shot at different
locations in the country.

Broshan, El Talento & Casha - Göteborg!

I know that this was released in january but as you know I have been busy.
Anyways this is a track made by both of my artists and a very talented
singer called Cesha, the track is called "Göteborg" and for you who read my
blog from outside of Sweden that is the name of our City a.k.a Gothenburg.


DJ Levis Exposed?

O.K so here is the big news of the year so far within the Swedish
HipHop DJ Scenerie.
Apparently there have been a couple of DJ´s that have been
critizising DJ Levis for not actually DJ´ing during his shows.
And me being myself a DJ aswell, I know that that is the lowest
kind of fraude within the DJ industry.

My main source right now is DJ Neno, a well known DJ
here in Gothenburg City.
According to Neno and a print screen shot he is accusing Levis
for fraude, not just as a DJ but also of whom is really sponsoring him.
Levis has been putting up the logos of both KingSizeMagazine and
TopStreetWear promoting them as his sponsors during several shows.
When Neno contacted KingSize Magazine they denied ever have any
deal with DJ Levis and where outraged.

Now apparently both KingSize and TopStreetWear are trying investigate
this manner and T.S.W have mentioned that their lawyers will be informed
according to a friend of Neno that knows workers at the company.

Now let´s get back to Levis not actually mixing when he performs.
Here below is a video that DJ Neno himself put up on his blog where
he says that you can clearly see that he is actually never mixing,
he never touches the faders and still the music is changing all the time.
And another thing that for me seems really obvious as a DJ and Neno
pointed this out as well.
Levis never even touches the left CD player, he lets it go on for a long time.
I have never seen a CD player that chenges itself on cue before, so unless
Levis has his own custom made players that know when to change tracks,
I have to agree with DJ Neno.

I will be looking in to this further and I hope that if Levis keep´s his ground
and still say´s that he is all legit, then prove it because to be honest Levis,
this isn´t looking good for your career.

DJ Levis Fake DJ
Uploaded by djnenodotcom. - See the latest featured music videos.

Make sure to visit:

SwagLikeThis TV - Broshan "Snippets"!

New Music - Zaturno ft. Pato Pooh & Ricky "Tu Cariño Se Me Va"

These three artists have managed to break new grounds again
with this breath taking track called "Tu Cariño Se Me Va".
This practically all spanish song tells the story of how it feels
and thoughts that you have when someone you truly love is gone.

Zaturno is a highly respected rapper from Chile, Pato Pooh and
Ricky are working as a duo not as single artists.
And let me point out that this is the best song in my opinion
that Pato and Ricky have made together as a team.

By the way Pato Pooh is in Chile right now on a promotion tour
that his over seas fans in the old country have been demanding.

I give my standing ovations to everybody involved in this proyect
everything from the beat, the video, the lyrics and the final product.
I have to say that this is one of the most well made tracks/music videos
in a looong time and that actually has a red thread all the way.

SwagLikeThis TV - Road Trip to 331 Wernamo!

Monday 27:th, Broshan, Dado and I drove down to the
331 Wernamo studio to hook up a studio session with Hurricane.
We all had a great time and they recorded about 5 tracks in just that day.

Here is a short version from the over 40 minutes long video material
that I recorded that day.

Mad props to Hurricane, 331 Wernamo, Anduena, Broshan, Dado and DrBlood
for a great time and a sick studio session.

Pics From 331 Wernamo!

The Gun´s are NOT real so don´t worry we were just having fun with them.

Merry X-Mas!

Great Site! is a dude that has gone deep
into the theories of the new world order within Sweden.
If you are tired of being ignorant and whant to know what´s
truly going on in this country then this guy has some pretty
logical hypothisis.

"Inte snackas det fan något om Terror när den misstänkte "Lasermannen" Peter mangsk skjutit och dödat ett flertal invandrare under en väldigt lång tid och satt en hel stad i skräck som gjort att många människor med invandrarbakgrund inte ens vågat gå till jobbet längre..Inte är det terror när man skjuter människor med en annan etnisk bakgrund inte fan är det Terrorism då inte! det är bara en "galen" människa men när en muslim gör något då är det på direkten "terror" varför är det skillnad på två typer av terror ? detta anser jag vara grov dubbelmoral.

Quote from the blog.

New Music - SödraSidan ft Danjah "Södra Sidan" (Dalenbarn Produktion)

It seems to be a busy day for Swedish HipHop, first "Stationen"
and now this track by SödraSidan ft. Danjah.


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