New Song - Finess ft. Sam E & Sephide

Finess is a person that I have mentioned before
on my blog about his upcoming mixtape.
The mixtape titled "Välkomna Mig" has been
delayed time after time and usually I would
lose interest in an artist by now.
But Finess keeps on hooking me in with the
singles he releases from the mixtape.

The title of his new single called "Karussell"
reminds me of an old classic salsa song that
speaks of the same thing but in spanish.
So I know that a lot of people who have heared
that song will also like this one.

Also spittin´ on the "mic" are Sam-E from Medina
and the singer Sephide who is making her self
a big name within the Swedish HipHop music.

For more info and how to download the song
you can click on the link below.

And don´t forget to look up my favourite HipHop
Blog in Swedish - DuVetInte!
Driven by my good friend Melika.


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