Whats Up?

Yeah I know that some of you have been wondering what
has been going on and why I haven´t updated lately.
The thing is that I´ve been taking a little time for a little vacation.
School starts again and I haven´t really taken time to
enjoy this summer so that´s why I´ve been lazy.
Anyhow, I´ve got some things to tell you of what´s coming.

I´ve got an interview coming within the next weeks with
Kaanquest, a rapper that has set his mark in my music list.
You should really check him out on youtube, he has some
really good songs.
I first met him on the DuVetInte Blog 2 year anniversary party
where he perfomed together with Parham.

I have also been asked by Allyawan to make his next
street video next week.
Wich song and more info will remain a little secret for now.

And I also have a video that I will make for my good friend
N.M.E in about three weeks.
For you who don´t know N.M.E got his name from me
and he also appeared in DuVetInte´s blog in a song he
made together with Änglalik recently.

Tomorrow I will release a never before seen video from
the lost "Gatutalang Series" files.
I haven´t decided wich one exactly, but you´ll see tomorrow.

Here a leave you with a new artist to me from the states


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