Good Morning!

Two weeks ago I brought Pato Pooh to Gothenburg for a
performance, but sadly enough he got pains in his stomach.
So I met him up in the emergency at Östra Sjukhuset
and found him like this picture below.

The very next day he had another show in the city and he
felt that he couldn´t disappoint his fans so he did the performance.
That´s what I call a true warrior and artist, although it is
a little foolish to risk your health like that in my opinion.

The reason for his pains where that some of his organs where starting
to clash with each other, according to the doctor it is a normal
thing to gastric bypass patients.

Pato had this operation made because he couldn´t loose weight
by himself and it was starting to affect his health to a dangerous level.

There are a lot of people that didn´t know that Pato was obese
since he became thin by the time he had his hit "Follow Me"
If you wonder how he looked before, here is a video for the first
single of his street album "The I Work Hard Chronicles"


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