New Music - Adoo "Lever Som Jag Lär"

Adoo is another artist that I have been ignoring musically, why?
I have no idea, I´ve been really arrogant lately.
I´ve let some things get to my head, but I´m feeling that
lately I´m becoming humble again.
I feel like I did when I first started out this blog 1 year ago,
I don´t see it as a job, I´m doing it for my love of music.

Anyways, I met Adoo last Sunday for the first time personally
and although we didn´t get to talk that much he seems like a
fun guy to hang around with.

Postat av: Adoo

Shoo, victor =)

¨Hoppas allt är bra, big up för inlägget i din blogg brush de värmer =) Tack

2010-12-03 @ 10:35:32

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