New Music - Robyn "Dancehall Queen"

Robyn is an incredible Singer, Musician, Artists ... you name it!
Now she has released a video for her song "Dancehall Queen".
How can I express this video with the right words? hmm ....
Minimal and AWESOME!!!
Seriously, it´s been a long time since a saw a video this genious
and I don´t know if it was intended to be so but Robyn relates
a lot to Japan.
Her own Record Label is even titled "Konichiwa Records".
So putting an Asian girl to lipp sync in the video just makes
foreign people being more confused about who she really is.

And the song itself ... I seriously never thought that Robyn
would make a Dub styled song and make it soung great.
This girl can seriously go into any gengre and just ripp that shit.


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