Studio Session with H.2.O, Broshan and Dado!

Yesterday day I was in the studio with the boys from
H.2.O together with my artist Broshan and Dado.
The H.2.O boys were recording some tracks for their
upcoming album with sore throats and still delivering.
This album is certainly something that I will be keeping
an eye out for, especially for one of the tracks that
I heared yesterday.
I filmed a little but I don´t think that I will be putting
up the video since I didn´t film it well.
My Sony NEX 5 camera is in peru right now and I
shot the session with my iPhone 4.
Which is supposed to film in HD, but comparing the HD
from an iPhone and a DSLR camera it´s just mediocre.

Anyawys these guys have a bright future, although
they still need to improve their microphone skills
and techniques.
But those are minor things that are easely fixed with
experience and training.
And I´m sure that they will overcome those obstacles.

Best of wishes to you guys!


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