My Next Interview!

Lately one name keeps popping up on my computer screen
time and time again with continous frequency.
And that name is BROSHAN!
Where ever I go on the internet I´m seeing his name again
and again, even on pages I´ve never visited before.
My curiosity drove me to start searching for who exactly
this guy calling himself Broshan was.

I found out that this guy is a rapper that I´ve heared before
but never really put an interest in untill now.
I was wondering why this persons name started showing
up in every little corner of my web world.

I found out that there was to reasons for it.

Number One:
Several of his personal and FaceBook friends are also people
that I know both in real life and through the web.

Number Two:
He is releasing a new album this year.

So I searched him up and asked him for an interview
to whom he gladely accepted immediately.

And apparently he had read my blog before, it´s nice to know
that almost everyone I talk to has read my blog at some time.


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