Trip to Jönköping - Video!

Here is the video footage from the trip to Jönköping!
The video shows parts from our trip and in between
the interviews I made with the guys from Bunkern.
I had to interview the guys very briefly because we
had to head back to Gothenburg.
It feels like I will have to pay them another visit any
giving time soon.

One of the members called "Fox" was missing this day
but we still had a good time and I got to hear theyr

There was so much material that we filmed that I
didn´t put in this video because it would be too long.
But I will make a new Video soon with all the out-takes

You will see 2 i Styrka talk about what he saw that scared him.
Follow us on our hunt for a lighter in Jönköping.
And some bloopers.

Postat av: Du Vet Inte

haha mina bunkern boyz.. hihi bästa

2010-07-31 @ 10:45:01
Postat av: ena

biiiiiig up. nice filmat. another level ;)

2010-08-23 @ 00:04:45

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