Allyawan - iChronicles 1.0!!

iChronicles 1.0 is finally out!
What can I say about this work?

Lets start with the cover.
I will have to give my sincerest respects to
Hazardous Hab for the art work.
As an art creator I know that this style is hard
to pull of even if you are an experienced artist.
But I think that even the people who know very little
about art works can see that he has spent a lot of time
figuring out every little detail.

In the creations of the beats we have many talented
people that get way to little cred for their work.
But I can see a much brighter future for them
from now on.

Now let´s comment on the main subject, the rapper.

I can honestly say that Allyawan has left me with my
mouth hitting the ground of surprise.
And with that said I think that we all can agree on
that he has taken the Swedish game to a new level.
Allyawan represents even harder than most of the
Swedish East Coast rappers that I´ve heared.

The Swedish West has been waiting a long time for
some one to represent them and being the frontal
character within the game.
And I think that person has finaly arrived.

You can question me and critisize all you want.
But I know that coming friday, I´m not the
only one that´s going to shout "KING WAN"!

Download it at:


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