Upcoming Behind The Scenes - "Hur E Läget Broshan"

Yesterday Sam "Broshan" Alfaro invited me to film
behind the scenes of his upcoming video for the
track "Hur E Läget Broshan".
The song is one of the tracks that will be included in
his still in progress album "Svensk Blatte".

When I arrived at the filming location he was standing
next to Ivo, practically a legend within HipHop in GBG.
Who is also starring in the video.

What I like with this video is that it has a red thread
going through it and a storyline that many people can relate to.
The behind the scenes video will hopefully be up
this week, if everything goes as planned.

Don´t forget to visit www.broshan.com for more on his music

Postat av: Sam

Tung är du bror! Uppskattas som fan!

2010-11-22 @ 15:35:15
URL: http://www.broshan.com

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