New Music - Allyawan "Puppet Master" [prod. Main I.N.G]

My boy Allyawan has released this son from
his upcoming mixtape called iChronicles 1.0.
I also found out that my cousin Pablo Paz,
brother to Pato Pooh, has produced beats for
Allyawan from which 2-3 are used in the mixtape.

As my faithfull readers know, Allyawan has given
me the chanse to film his street video.
And I´m still working on it.
I´ve never worked on a video this complicated before
with so many different scenes and cuts, so I´ve had
to figure out som glitches but it will be finished very soon.

Anyways Allyawan is the future for HipHop in the Swedish
west coast and I really believe in him and his music.


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