DJ Levis Exposed?

O.K so here is the big news of the year so far within the Swedish
HipHop DJ Scenerie.
Apparently there have been a couple of DJ´s that have been
critizising DJ Levis for not actually DJ´ing during his shows.
And me being myself a DJ aswell, I know that that is the lowest
kind of fraude within the DJ industry.

My main source right now is DJ Neno, a well known DJ
here in Gothenburg City.
According to Neno and a print screen shot he is accusing Levis
for fraude, not just as a DJ but also of whom is really sponsoring him.
Levis has been putting up the logos of both KingSizeMagazine and
TopStreetWear promoting them as his sponsors during several shows.
When Neno contacted KingSize Magazine they denied ever have any
deal with DJ Levis and where outraged.

Now apparently both KingSize and TopStreetWear are trying investigate
this manner and T.S.W have mentioned that their lawyers will be informed
according to a friend of Neno that knows workers at the company.

Now let´s get back to Levis not actually mixing when he performs.
Here below is a video that DJ Neno himself put up on his blog where
he says that you can clearly see that he is actually never mixing,
he never touches the faders and still the music is changing all the time.
And another thing that for me seems really obvious as a DJ and Neno
pointed this out as well.
Levis never even touches the left CD player, he lets it go on for a long time.
I have never seen a CD player that chenges itself on cue before, so unless
Levis has his own custom made players that know when to change tracks,
I have to agree with DJ Neno.

I will be looking in to this further and I hope that if Levis keep´s his ground
and still say´s that he is all legit, then prove it because to be honest Levis,
this isn´t looking good for your career.

DJ Levis Fake DJ
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Postat av: Anonym

Istället för att lägga ner tid på att hata så gör din egna musik o skit i andra, vad spelar det för hur han spelar o vilka han ljuger om som sponsorer ? vad fan ger dig rätten att hänga ut honom ? Bry dig mindre om andra och mer om dig själv och din " karriär " !

2011-02-03 @ 01:31:17
Postat av: Kaye - SwagLikeThis

Vem säger att jag hatar? detta är en hiphop blogg. det betyder att jag lägger upp det jag anser relevant och intressant inom hiphop scenen.

ska du skriva till metro och fråga varför dom hatar på egyptens president?

fritt land, fri åsikt.

jag säger bara det jag analyserar av det bevis som DJ Neno tagit fram.

jag sa även att jag tänker uppfölja det här ämnet för jag vill se vad Levis har att säga om det.

och vad angår hur han spelar, som en DJ och utav vad jag sett i den videon så vet jag att han inte mixade just där. han kanske gör det annars, men i just den videon så gör han inte det.

Så sluta hata och vill du att folk ska sluta snacka skit om Levis vilket jag inte gör. så skriv till honom och be honom förklara sig för senast jag kollade så var det OLAGLIGT att använda ett företags logga utan tillstånd.

Levis e sjysst, men det har inget o göra med hur han hanterar sin karriär. det är just hans hanterande av detta jag är kritisk mot.

2011-02-03 @ 03:21:51
Postat av: tc

Äsh inte en såg ut o va äldre än 18 ändå :P

2011-02-03 @ 16:48:08
Postat av: Club Manager

Hahahaaaa You are so pathetic!

The truth is that Levis was offered the best gigs by famous artists. This trail section that those who had it hard to accept was the so called Neno and Confuse not at all well known Dj's in Gothenburg, or else. Levis success Evil One to a fight that these two started by finding the mass of false evidence against him. He is sponsored and the two pathetic liar (Neno & Confuse) will lose confidence in the entertainment industry.

It does not matter which button or which hand he uses, the best part is that people want to see Dj Levis and dance to his mixtapes!

2011-02-19 @ 15:06:44
Postat av: Baby J

Club Manager: Damn man the kid just wrote his honest oppion.. And I agree with him. To fake Dj'n is the lowest thing you can do if you call yourself a DJ. Brov even the worst Dj in the world is still trying. And saying Neno & Confuze are nobody's.. Whoa lets just say DMCs.. And if you told people at a club that your DJ tonight will be playing Mixtpes I promise you they wouldnt be down for it. Oh and by the way those werent even his mixtapes he was play. double sad. So Kaye good post.


2011-03-07 @ 21:31:55
Postat av: K

Baby J: We thought that Levis was your brother. You chop him in the back instead to support and show him the right way?

2011-03-14 @ 10:28:06
Postat av: Baby J

Calling him a brother is a understatement... I did try to show him the right way. And not just me. Even Confuze gave him a chance. He lied and stabbed me in the back. And never had the balls to confront his issues... So K.. All of this is his bed of lies and now he is sleeping in it.

2011-08-26 @ 02:00:36
Postat av: We

To: Baby J

Levis has always talked good about you. If you agree to "Confuse" lies we lose all confidence in you. Levis did not want to confront because he did not think you would agree with the idiot and jealous lies. He was very disappointed and distanced from everything and everyone, especially when he realized that you were among those who attacked him. Many of us have noticed that you are fake and lie a lot, but Levis has always defended you and said that no one can say anything bad about his brother. But if we think you look great in Confuse company and you have the same views and think that him, fake and a liar.

Great respect to Levis! No matter how he plays, he has in any case, those best mix!

2011-09-11 @ 12:29:02
Postat av: We

To: Baby J

Levis has always talked good about you. If you agree to "Confuse" lies we lose all confidence in you. Levis did not want to confront because he did not think you would agree with the idiot and jealous lies. He was very disappointed and distanced from everything and everyone, especially when he realized that you were among those who attacked him. Many of us have noticed that you are fake and lie a lot, but Levis has always defended you and said that no one can say anything bad about his brother. But if we think you look great in "Confuse" company and you have the same views and think that him, fake and a liar. Great respect to DJ Levis! No matter how he plays, he has in any case, those best mix!

What the fuck think Confuse, thinks he is god to give Levis a chance?

He's just a disgusting and a fat old man sitting in front of his computer and peck at Levis. We recommend that focusing on their personal hygiene and shower often, because no girl wants to be near him.

2011-09-11 @ 21:34:35
Postat av: Wexxed dbstp

Well, im a part of à whole other musicscene, but careing deeply for the arts of dj:ing .. I just have To speak My mind .. For all you PRO-levis ppl: whats the difference betwen what Levis is doing and listening to à mixtape?! Do you realize he isnt even needed om the stage? .. If you allow shit like this into the scene it Will soon erase the role of a dj. For all i care Levis is cheap talentless replica of à dj, and by allowing and DEFENDING his behaveiour you are all killing a vital element of hiphop, my two cents..

2011-11-06 @ 10:13:18
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